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Hi girls I’m In a random pub with 2 of my neighbours and the 2 barmaids are super cute (small boobs) do you think I should give them my blog address

It takes all kinds to make the world go around

Why do we feel the need to keep up with the Joneses?

You know Mrs. Jones. The PTA Queen, the philanthropy addict, the chairman of every board that is available. 349 more words


Wishing you lots of coffee

I have studied the points of the Women’s March and 100% believe in this cause. What I love beyond all else is the inclusivity of it. 152 more words

Weekend Coffee Share

The Wage Gap

Many radical feminists would probably argue that just because I do not have ovaries that means I am not allowed to address issues that women face. 937 more words

Icy pt 3

Hi girls so the best part was I got asked to de ice the windscreen of a new girl who I’ve never met before. I went to her house and waiting for me was 1 of Amy’s friends at high school who had heard about my huge cock she wanted me to scrape the screen of her car naked but she had called her pals for a lift so there was 6 of them watching my 11.5 inch trying to keep hard In the cold and I managed it. 7 more words

Icy pt 2

Hi girls so you asked for it so here goes as you know my 11.5 inch cock is well known around my area and this morning I got 15 notes through my door asking me to scrape the ice of car windscreens but I had to do it naked with my cock at its full hardness in full view of the 15 ladies who asked for it, 10 of them were my neighbours and the other 5 were from girls in my estate. 10 more words