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Sometimes silence is the best treatment to ignorance.

Lesson: Never give someone’s act of IGNORANCE the victory over your life.


Woman, Infant Lay On Tracks "To Die". A Train Passes Over Them, But...

A woman, and her two-month old child, had a miraculous escape after she lay down between the tracks, allegedly to commit suicide, and a train passed over them without causing any injuries to the two. 9 more words


"When You Arrive Home"

Let me explain how precious your personality is, how amazing your energy feels when it wraps around my heart when we hug.

Let me show you how woman of power should be pampered… 119 more words

The Poet

Tips Mencerahkan Kulit Wajah Secara Alami

1. Buah Pepaya

Cara menggunakan pepaya hanya ditumbuk hingga halus, kemudian masukan ke lemari es. Setelah dingin aplikasikan sebagai masker ke wajah, diamkan 15 – 30 menit kemudian bilas… 149 more words


Right to succession/inheritance of a property cannot be negatived without any law to that effect by categorically providing a statutory provision for such extinction of succession right

Right to property is a basic right which could be considered as emanated fundamental right under Article 21 of the Constitution of India, if we extend the meaning of the word “life” so far as land property is concerned of any raiyat due to reason that livelihood of majority persons living in rural India are maintained from the income of land property. 1,577 more words



She gets up
She toils
She stumbles and falls
She gets hurt
She gets back up
She seldom complains
Her wails hit the empty walls and come back to her… 28 more words

Cosanziana’s Prayer

“His journey, his battles …

For the death of death in him,

And for life’s resurrection,

So that he becomes

Through and through alive.

He will triumph. ”

©️A. Garden, June 24, 2018