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Choose to Fight

So, you’re in the fight of your life, you didn’t ask to be in this fight but when you confessed your faith you unknowingly were drafted into the most important battle of your life.  611 more words

Don't Hate the Skinny Mom

The other day I was feeling particularly self conscious about my body. A Victoria Secret commercial came on TV and I thought to myself, “Just wait until those models have kids. 213 more words


Addiction is a Disease

Gina’s Journal, Entry 2 –

I got a referral call from federal probation on the 24th. The referral was for a young woman, who is heavily pregnant, with an addiction to methamphetamine and suffering from breast cancer, undergoing chemo treatments. 154 more words

North Dakota

Wax on, wax off...ouch!!!

                                                                            Back when I was a massage therapist at a beauty salon and one day, one of the beauticians performed waxing on the intimate areas of one of her clients. 39 more words


Growing up is more than difficult… stolen adolescents, insecurities, the media, being a woman.. blah blah blah #firstworldproblems

But when the problem becomes more significant than most other things in your life, it really is worth investing in the steam to project and consider alternative options and decisions. 251 more words