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You the truth always brings what is not right to the eyes of people, people can even kill you straight up if you tell the naked truth, is just so eccentric for them to live without false, they live their lives intrepid full of falsity. 475 more words


First measured 

Hi girls just had the first 2 measuments of the day after the weekends amazing news so fist 2 are

  1. Clare 11.2
  2. Zoe 11.4

I’ll keep you updated all day but for more info give me a call 07934070768 and I’ll send you a photo


Growing up #2

​Trying new recipes on plastic mini stove along with Mum and cooking rice and dal for the entire family day and night,

Somewhere in between,

She grew up.


Everyone's a winner when all the winners lose

SKIN : ::Modish:: Runa-F02   / @Skin Fair / by Modish
HAIR : Mithral * Neem   / @ 26 more words

Non Classé

Stay upto date

Hi girls if your off to work or school or uni and read this take a note of my phone number 07934070768 and give me a txt because I’m just about to leave for my first cock measurement of the day 15 to go and if you txt me now I’ll text you back with the sizes when they happen and I’ll also send you a photo of my huge cock


Viral Video: "Girl" Vs. "Woman" - Why Language Matters

Mayim Bialik uses SCIENCE to show that WOMEN should be referred to as “WOMEN”.

Mayim Bialik would like us to stop referring to adult women as “girls”, because it implies they are inferior to adult men, which can subconsciously cause us to perceive them that way. 16 more words