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John Mayer Speaks Heart out to ‘Today’

John Mayer has seven Grammy award to his name but he always had a tough time because of his high-profile relationships and controversies.

The ‘No Such Thing’ singer in an interview with ‘Today’ talked about his new views as he left the industry. 127 more words


Being Late

I was talking to Kevin the other day via text. He was telling me about this girl who I guess he likes. He said that he was supposed to meet up with her at let’s say 5 o’clock that evening. 194 more words


Random dick pics

Ladies, we all have been there with this one guy. Maybe even more if you’re pretty nice, and a tad laid back like me. He keeps sending you pics of his junk! 327 more words

The Empire still Stands, sawa

We consume what we want based on choice. Never is a gun put to your head to watch television, pay for Hulu, or surf the internet. 487 more words



I have a friend, a guy friend, let’s call him Kevin. So I’ve known Kevin for a little while thru mutual friends via social media. But I have never met Kevin. 136 more words


A Guy Like Me by J. S. von Dacre

Where I Got It: It was a freebie on Amazon.com.

Publisher: Self-published (2015)

Length: 10 pages

Author’s Page

The description of this story is a one liner: A man haunted by dark demons of his past must face the repercussions of his choices. 297 more words

Modern-Day Fiction


A guy got genuinely butt-hurt at me last night because I called him “sir”… In the context of, “Excuse me, sir. Would you take this picture of us?” … 145 more words