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Buy High Quality of Womanizer Sexy toy

Nowadays, women are having more fun and fulfill the lust with the sexy toys. If you are searching for the sexy toys then you are at the perfect destination. 475 more words

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Gets the Ultimate Orgasm with Clitoris Stimulating Sex Toy?

When was the last time you felt the real thrill of orgasm. Women take more time to get excited and unless things are really the way they like, it is hard to get a real orgasm. 474 more words

Sex Toys

An Interview With a Reality TV Star

Alan Zendell, October 7, 2017

Megan: I’m here today with Ronnie Stomper, the star of the longest running and from a sponsors’ point of view, the most lucrative reality show ever produced. 828 more words


Ghosts of Girlfriends Past Preview

Originally it seemed obvious that when we hit the “foreign film” entry in the Bring a Friend that we would watch our beloved Nic Cage in Outcast, the Chinese film he did with our less beloved Hayden Christensen. 1,905 more words


DOC JUAN Chapter 35

A/N: One woman’s jealousy, one man’s womanizin past….leadin to another woman’s heartbreak💔

Nina insisted on hacking off his testicles after she realized what’d happened, but fortunately, Elle called it off before her frenzied friend had the chance to sharpen the Swiss knife she carried in her knockoff… 1,091 more words

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Sextoys & Vibros pour femme

Le monde du sextoys évolue un peu dans tous les sens mais toujours avec beaucoup d’humour. Les sextoys ne sont plus tabous depuis longtemps car il est admis qu”ils sont dans les désirs inconscients collectifs. 52 more words


Jetez-y un œil c'est du sextoys


J’adore chercher dans les blogs Tumblr pour leur côté inattendu. Il faut dire aussi que si on s’interesse au monde du sextoy modernes on est jamais déçu !