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The Same Fight

     Why every couple of weeks or months, does this oh so familiar argument erupt between my husband and me, on the same tired issues, the same drama. 1,300 more words


Servants and what to do about them

Is it normal to have a complicated relationship with servants? In India, everyone has help. We grew up with help and in a hierarchical set-up like government service, servants “knew their place”. 1,270 more words

Life In Mumbai

Green tea, the virtuous

It’s worse than hot water I think. It’s bitter. It’s thinner than water, if that were possible. Can anything which tastes so vile and also sort of pointless, really have any substance? 723 more words

Womanly Woes

One of Those Days

One of those days which you just want to end, but there is so much happening and it takes so long and you are on your own and time slows down instead of speeding up like it should when things are busy. 497 more words

Being Mommy

Come guys, lets take a photo

I’m not photogenic. I am also pudgy and often far too hairy. I have frequent bad hair days. And with all of this, I also have busy days, where vanity takes a back seat to naps, quality kiddy time, reading, day dreaming and what not. 311 more words

Being Mommy

Full and Final Settlement

     I logged in again today to my ex-employer’s website to collect my documents, the tax deduction summary, the relieving letter, etc.

     I felt a bit glum afterwards. 444 more words

Being Mommy

Get Gorgeous

     When I book an appointment with a hair salon, the confirmation of my appointment comes with a Come Get Gorgeous instruction. Now this is clever – at this moment, I am convinced that all I need to do, to get gorgeous so to speak, is to show up. 547 more words

Life In Mumbai