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Happy birthday to Taronga Zoo (and me)

After a good night of sleep and only two Sydney funnel-web spider nightmares, it’s now the “day after”. It was my birthday yesterday and I had such a nice day. 2,043 more words



The Australian Ultimate Championships (Nationals) were held last weekend in Ballarat, Victoria. Thanks to our performance at Eastern Regionals the Wombats were in attendance. In true Jase-fashion I spent the week before in trepidation with the following concerns buzzing around in my brain: 1,059 more words

Ultimate Frisbee

Ladies' Room


Hi there!

We have been looking forward to spring as you know, but it has not yet come. We can’t wait for summer, but the good thing about still having snow is that we still have our favorite “little girls’ room” out in the garden: 52 more words

The Sign of Three

On the whole of our roadtrip, in total approximately 3,600Km from Melbourne to Perth, we saw none of the following animals (alive). We saw plenty of ‘sleeping’ kangaroos in the company of birds. 101 more words


Derek The Wombat

Maybe you need twenty-one seconds of baby wombat.
Meet Derek.


Heat sensor camera

Here are a few pictures taken in Wombat Forest by night vision cameras. This is part of a project cataloguing the animals living in this part of the woods. 141 more words



Wombats are unique, nocturnal and very hairy Australian marsupials. They are large animals and live in vast tunnel systems that they seem to enjoy digging. 371 more words