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V is for Vombatus ursinus! Cryptic wombats, and their roll-proof poo. #MelaleucaMiscellany

The wombats of Melaleuca are a cryptic lot, known only by their rather ambitious toilet habits.  Over the whole month we were in Melaleuca, I didn’t see a single wombat, probably because they are nocturnal, and I am not.   152 more words


Wombat Therapy

A friend posted this video today, and I had to smile at this little wild creature enjoying the company of a human and the human enjoying the wombat. 41 more words


Of Wombats and Mountains

 Sun March 1:
At anchor: Wombat Cove, Bathurst Channel

The boat screwed around on the anchor on and off through the night, and rain fell heavily, with squalls continuing into the morning. 553 more words

Port Davey Trip Pt 1

Day 180 - Final Destination

We were up early on Wednesday morning to pack up our things and check out of the hostel just after 10am. I really liked the David Hasslehostel. 847 more words

Year Abroad

Life In Film - It's What Happens Next That Matters Most

I first came across Life In Film during my time at university in Liverpool, I believe I covered a gig of theirs at The Shipping Forecast which you can probably find online somewhere. 175 more words


Beware: Writers . . . in Coffee Shops

I spend a lot of time in coffee shops.

It’s not the coffee that keeps me coming back . . . If you’ve seen what I do to coffee before I drink it you’d call the CDC (Coffee Defamation Committee). 469 more words

Bloggie Bits

The Wombats- 'Emoticons'

The Wombats are back! They kicked it all off with their January single “Greek Tragedy”.  Now it’s all about their new song ‘Emoticons’, a song that expresses todays relationships via instant messaging. 63 more words