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animals and what you did not know about them đŸ±

i loooove animals. from turtles to giraffes, from hamsters to butterflies, i love all of them (although spiders still scare the s*** out of me). some i would want as a pet, some i just find fascinating for how they look. 503 more words


Tasmania's Adorables

Newsflash: Tasmania has nearly all of Australia’s most adorable animals, concentrated in one small island state! What’s more, they’re cuddle-sized, non-poisonous, and they’re not out to kill you. 976 more words


The Wombats: 10 Years On

Blog Post #2

One of my all time favourite albums turns 10 this year (!!!), and I still can’t quite believe it, so today I’ve decided to reminisce for a while. 414 more words


Dingos, Crocs, Taz and the City

Lots of lovely regular posts from me at the moment, while there’s reliable broadband to be had. The next chapter of this particular adventure commences Sunday and then internet access may become more unpredictable and slower… Then again it may not… 107 more words

Home Education

Through the Canal

We set off early the next morning to get the high tide for the transit through the Denison Canal at Dunalley. This canal allows small boats passage between Fredrick Henry Bay and Marion Bay on the east coast, via the large shallow lagoon  of Blackman Bay (not to be confused with Blackmans Bay in the lower Derwent!), and is a quick way to Maria Island without having to sail around the whole Tasman Peninsula (which would add a couple of days to our trip). 924 more words


Wonderful Wednesday

Hi, fam!

Today is a reminder to stop and not only smell the roses but every flower in your path. Appreciate all you have, and if you have nothing, think a little harder.To help you out, here is a photo gallery of some wombats. 28 more words


The art of being 'easy going' is understood by male kangaroo.

We noticed the familiar sight of kangaroo droppings walking around the bush on our way to the beach. They are shaped almost square. The wombat’s dropping too are square shaped. 403 more words

Gerard Oosterman