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Sweet Talking Wombat

“Good morning, darling.” Thoughtful Man hovered above me as I cracked open a sleepy eye.

“Oh fuck. Who’s died overnight now?” Yesterday, it Terry Wogan… 417 more words

World's Oldest Captive Wombat Turns 30, Joins Tinder

Fat Pat has taken to online dating in his dotage, in a bid to find love. Aired on ABC News Victoria on August 25, 2015.


Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary

When we saw that the excursion we booked for the day included a “kangaroo meet & feeding frenzy”, this is what I pictured- two or three kangaroos being kept close to their keepers while a busload of tourists jockey for the animals’ attention. 798 more words


Spring Babies

Each year the season of Spring brings with it an influx of animal youngsters growing up in the warmer months of the year. Spring time in Tasmania, Australia, is a particularly wonderful time of year where baby wombats are following their mothers around. 80 more words

Laura Lecce

What is this life...

… if full of cats,
we have no time for stray wombats,
no time to stand beneath their fur,
and stare as long as kittens purr, 31 more words

Top 10 Albums of 2015

So here we are the end of 2015 and we’ve had some wonderful records this year – we’ve been at bit cheeky as well as we actually have 11 records in our 10 top as we just couldn’t have one record miss out on the top 10. 310 more words

Albums Of The Year

Working Lunch

[OK guys, we need to plan the company Christmas party. First thing, order plenty of seed. And we have to make sure NO ONE spikes the egg nog this year. 53 more words