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The One

Morning Word
You have to respect the person who is not waiting for someone to complement their looks, but instead they are waiting for the person who can complement their life. 98 more words


Mother of all catch ups 😳

Its certainly a truism that this blog now only gets used when I need to vent, ponder, express and share. Although I think about blogging, life often gets in the way and it doesn’t take priority. 1,018 more words


Great Granddaughters event recap

In case you missed it… Great Granddaughters – The Recap

On October 6th, 2016, Edge of Seven hosted its annual event and celebration of girls’ education. 658 more words

Will Criminalising Porn solve the problem of sexual crimes in India ?

Will criminalisation of Porn solve the problem of sexual crimes in India ?

Do you really think it will help?

Pornography is an adult form of entertainment from which children are generally banned from view… 718 more words

Public Affairs

Powerful Love

Morning Word
Good relationships make you feel powerful, but bad relationships make you feel powerless. The wrong person will drain you long before you even start your day, but the right person will help keep you replenished in love from sunrise to sunset. 91 more words


Necessity is the mutha of diva inventions...

I am almost 6ft tall with incredibly long legs and when I open my arms wide, the wing span according to my strength trainer, Is impressive. 628 more words

Ched Evans and rape

Hazel Croft responds to the disgraceful final verdict in the Ched Evans case, which cleared the footballer of all charges of rape

I am still feeling angry and nauseated by the response to the Ched Evans verdict. 1,014 more words