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Your Love

Morning Word
Sometimes people will run away from your love. It doesn’t necessarily mean that something is wrong with you. It doesn’t mean that you are a bad person. 209 more words


Dear White People ...

Dear White People:

If the only time you remark or share information about Black people is to show black people in a negative light, stop it. 232 more words


Diary of an Autodidact: John Piper Steps In It on Rape and Sex

I saw this yesterday and thought I’d share it because, although at first glance it looks as though Autodidact is making more of John Piper’s post than was really there, it is really a very good and on point analysis of how fundamentalist evangelicals view women and sexual sin. 78 more words


Dating is the Absolute Worst

I had a guy who had planned to take me out to a fancy dinner date on Saturday night cancel on me sight unseen because I don’t root for the U.S. 327 more words

Spread Love

Morning Word
Whether you are single or in a relationship, today is still a good day to spread love. Today is still a good day to surprise someone and make them smile. 82 more words


Disputing Claims of Paul's Misogyny

A topic that frequently comes up when I discuss the apostle Paul with members of the LDS Church is the perception that Paul was a misogynist. 3,201 more words


The WISe Project: Rufaro Samanga

Rufaro Samanga is a Microbiology Honours graduate from the University of the Witwatersrand. She will soon be embarking on her Masters in Epidemiology and is particularly passionate about science in the public health sphere. 673 more words