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Not The Hunger Games

There have been two stories recently that have made me get my panties in a bunch. I don’t mean in a punch-the-wall kind of way but in a that’s-a-bit-of-a-dick-move kind of way. 574 more words


Women Against Women: Phyllis Schlafly

“I almost had to tell you we couldn’t go back to Schlafly,” I said, clutching the take-out bag from Fozzi’s in my hand as we walked up the road back toward Travis’s house. 824 more words


TO The Women Against Feminism:.....

I guess it is time to dust off this blog.

TO the Women Against Feminism:

First of all,  I have gone to your website and read your signs and it is clear to me that you have bought into a very negative  assumption of who a feminist is . 570 more words

To my fellow women...why you hatin'?!

No seriously! Why are you hating so much on other women!!! Don’t you think living in a world where women are systematically disenfranchised by the patriarchy is difficult enough?! 1,012 more words


Calling Bullshit On Your Dignity Ratio

There’s so much that I have an issue with when it comes to clothing. Especially when someone decides to base who I am on what I look like, or decides to allocate my worth dictated on how much skin I’m showing. 399 more words

Fifty or more articles in less than two months and my time with the online news journal is over. I knew it might not be long-term, and was okay with that if it gave me experience and knowledge. 154 more words