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Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition

I listen to the news, radio and watch TV, and I struggle to identify with the females. I am blessed with a lot of great female friends, but there doesn’t seem to be a voice out there that adequately represents who I am. 674 more words

The Women Outside the Box

I have always been the kind of woman that does the kind of things that women are not supposed to do. Bored to death by the stifling domesticity of Brownies (they had badges which basically involved making a cup of tea for fuck’s sake), I refused to join the Guides and opted for the Air Cadets instead. 628 more words


“You need to learn to tone it down. Act more like a girl. You’re too opinionated.”

“You need to learn to tone it down. Act more like a girl. You’re too opinionated.”

Those were the words that were told to me the other night when I was hanging out with this guy. 601 more words

This is why politics in India needs more women

 A message to all the men out there “if women can run your family and take care of your finances, they can do the same for the country too”. 829 more words

Women In India

'Are you ready for someone like me?' Conservative MP Michelle Rempel talks women and leadership on Twitter

Calgary MP Michelle Rempel vented about the minefield facing women in political leadership Wednesday night on Twitter.

The 35-year-old Conservative MP won back her seat in Monday’s election. 714 more words


What it looks like when men are Photoshopped out of politics

What would this world look like if all men would suddenly disappear from all board rooms, negotiating tables and governments? A pretty lonely and empty place, it seems, as we can see from Elle UK’s video, which photoshopped men out of these bastions of power. 117 more words

Human And Civil Rights

Case Study: Can TV Ads Help Women Get Elected?

The short answer to that question is no, not by themselves. What about poll tested messages relayed through a creative advertising campaign in conjunction with a grassroots strategy to promote women as leaders? 2,367 more words

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