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To Say 'I Do' With Tattoos

When many women have tattoos or a looking to get a tattoo, they are often posed with the question by others, “But how will it look on your wedding day?”. 244 more words


Hot Tattooed Babes

‘Hot Tattoo Babes’ or ‘ Sexy Tattooed Badies’ is not the way to appreciating women with tattoos for their art and it doesn’t demand any respect for women with ink. 316 more words


Tattoos, Piercings, and Body Mods, Oh My!

I love tattoos.

I have since I was twelve years old, and I started copying them out of magazines in the motorcycle garage belonging to a friend of the family. 561 more words


Regrets, I've had a few...

… but then again, too few to mention. 

Anybody who follows tattoo-related news will have by now seen Bidisha’s Guardian article – a self-confessional opinion piece expressing the regret she feels over her choice of sleeve she acquired in the 90s. 862 more words

News Mash: Women don't need tattoos to be "trampy" as, um... We are naturally so inclined?

And before all you women out there freak out, I mean “trampy” not in a bad way…

But more along the line as being an “equal to men” way, because we all know… 1,522 more words

News Mash


‘Tattoos should really be reserved for sailors and army personnel’. That’s what some people say at least, although some women seem to find tattoos to be an attractive and desirable feature on a man. 128 more words

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