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TBP Podcast Ep. 11: Women & the NFL, Top-10 Fantasy Football QB's

In episode 11 of The Backup Punter Podcast, host Keegan Matheson gives his take on the role that women should play within the NFL, and how they are currently represented in the league.   60 more words


Women and the NFL: Melissa Mahler, Co-Founder of ProPlayerInsiders

Melissa Mahler wears many hats as part of her career, but first and foremost, she’s a storyteller.

From her days as a news anchor to her role as a business consultant and now as a woman on a mission to share a unique take on the human experience through her website, storytelling has been a consistent throughout her life. 1,340 more words

Women And The NFL

Women and the NFL: The Professional Football Players Mothers' Association

If you were going through a difficult time, Denise Wayne seems like the type of person who would grab your hand, look you in the eye, and say, “We’re going to get through this together.” 1,120 more words

Women And The NFL

Women and the NFL: Coach Chrissy Carew and the Insightful Player

It’s funny how many fantastic people have come into our lives since this blog started. We’re really hoping that this trend continues because we absolutely love making new friends here on… 947 more words

Women And The NFL

Women and the NFL: The Ravens' Purple Club

If you’ve never heard of it before, “pink it and shrink it” is a marketing strategy for women. It’s pretty self-explanatory – make things smaller and use the color pink, and you’re good to go. 991 more words

Women And The NFL

Women and the NFL

I was a few classes shy of a Women’s Studies minor in college. I’ve seen Miranda Lambert twice in concert and my favorite part is always when she brings out her rifle microphone stand and sings about teaching an abuser a lesson in “Gunpowder and Lead.” As a child of the Spice Girl age, I’m a firm believer in Girl Power.  215 more words


The Importance of the Female Football Fan

Football season is upon us and women are gearing up for the season. Yes, women are a real target and marketing to women has never been more important.   805 more words

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