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Women and Football: The NFL Pays Attention to Female Fans

Women and Football: Guys Aren’t the Only Ones who Love Football!

NFL & Women

Although football is generally considered a “guy” sport, you likely know more than one woman who is an avid football fan.    559 more words

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State of the Female NFL Fan: 2015

Where are all my ladies?

It’s the question NFL teams should be asking themselves, with women making up about 45% of the sport’s fan base. We’ve featured what some individual teams have done here on The Snap through our… 557 more words


Women and the NFL: Crush - The Denver Broncos Women's Fan Club

Marketing for the NFL, and sports leagues in general, is really quite unique when you think about it.

While the teams are competitors, their individual marketing departments never have to worry about converting fans from other teams. 1,229 more words


Women and the NFL: Dani Klupenger, St. Louis Rams Reporter

Sometimes simple moments in life take you by surprise. For Dani Klupenger, the 24-year-old who started as the in-house reporter for the St. Louis Rams in April, an NFL practice field spurred one of these moments. 1,542 more words

Women And The NFL

Women and the NFL: Shavannia Williams, Heels & Helmets Founder

One of the things I’ve never talked about on this blog is how much my football knowledge has helped me in my career. Now, I won’t bore you with the details of how I spend my 9-5 (well, usually longer) each weekday because I like you too much, but I will say I’ve got a position in the corporate world and the ability to talk football has helped me more than I would have imagined. 1,144 more words


TBP Podcast Ep. 11: Women & the NFL, Top-10 Fantasy Football QB's

In episode 11 of The Backup Punter Podcast, host Keegan Matheson gives his take on the role that women should play within the NFL, and how they are currently represented in the league.   60 more words


Women and the NFL: Melissa Mahler, Co-Founder of ProPlayerInsiders

Melissa Mahler wears many hats as part of her career, but first and foremost, she’s a storyteller.

From her days as a news anchor to her role as a business consultant and now as a woman on a mission to share a unique take on the human experience through her website, storytelling has been a consistent throughout her life. 1,340 more words

Women And The NFL