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Joint Review: "And I Darken", Or: Everyone is Fucked Up and Toxic and Nothing Goes Well

Title: And I Darken

Author:  Kiersten White

Review By: Captain Clo and Bekworm

Verdict: So many bad decisions are made you’ll want to pull your hair out, but this violent girl is fascinating, and boy isn’t her brother adorable? 2,627 more words

Women Authors

Magic Makers: from Cranberry Dusk

Every month I share an excerpt from one of my books. For September, I’m sharing an inspirational poem from Cranberry Dusk that encourages us to embrace our differences and uniqueness. 141 more words


Passion To Pen: Exploring Your Creative Gifts With Author Rhontina Lynn Burroughs  

  Rhontina “Lynn” Burroughs takes her passions in thought transcending them to words that leap in emotion from her books. I was happy to have a sit down chat with her in discussing the importance of tapping into your creative genius.” Lynn” is more low key in person, but when she speaks of her joy in writing her eyes light up in way that lets you know that she has discovered her calling. 374 more words

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REVIEW: "The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue", or: Fetch me a couch, for I nearly swoon!

Title: The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue

Author: Mackenzi Lee

Review by: Captain Clo

Verdict: adventures of a bisexual scoundrel unable to keep his mouth shut and pathetically in love with his biracial male best friend. 1,837 more words

Women Authors

REVIEW: “My Lesbian Experience With Loneliness”, or: pink confessions of an awkward Japanese lesbian

Title: My Lesbian Experience With Loneliness

Author: Kabi Nagata

Review by: Captain Clo

Verdict: candid and honest, it deals with very heavy themes without being an angstfest. 734 more words

Women Authors

Review: "The Ghost Bride", or: A Heterosexual Classic™ with a Peranakan twist

Title: The Ghost Bride

Author: Yangsze Choo

Review by: Captain Clo

Verdict: great premises, poor narration. The interesting bits of Chinese-Malay folklore aren’t enough to sustain a narration in which the protagonist is constantly locked outside of events. 1,237 more words

Women Authors