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40 Questions All Single Women Are Tired Of Hearing

prosto_dasha1. Who are you dating these days? 2. How come you’re not dating anyone? 3. How could a woman like you still be single? 4. Are you opening yourself up to love? 36 more words


Why am I always dateable?

It’s almost February 2016 – and I’m single.

When I was in high school, I wasn’t even giving 2016 a thought. When I finished university, I began thinking about relationships and got burned pretty bad by a few. 423 more words

Online Dating

A Letter to Him on Consistency

Dear Sir,

I woke up Wednesday morning with no good morning text or calls from you. I brushed it off and said, he’ll call me when I get in the car. 438 more words


Storm Damage in Ludowici

A strong windstorm and heavy rain moved through Long County tonight leaving damage in its path.

You can see a tree on fire in this picture. 44 more words


Storms Moving Through The Area

Thanks for all the pictures you are sending of storms moving through our area.

These are just a few we’ve seen so far.  Keep them coming! 9 more words