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The Coffee Date

My lovely people I had my first coffee date this past weekend. Yes, you heard it right coffee date – and it only took 1.5 months to get me one. 1,529 more words

Happy 'Bloody' Valentine's Day

Wishing all my single ladies and gents a very special day! It ROCKS to be single, free and loving yourself! Enjoy this day and every day – in celebration want to share some humor and good words. 233 more words

Coffee Anyone?

I didn’t think I would start 2015 in this way. This week has been a grueling struggle on Match.com. Is it because the online world of dating is so ambiguous that going through the process is ambiguous as well? 694 more words

Bye Felicia!

I told myself when I started this experiment I would be nice, open, calm and take everything with a grain of salt and smile. As of today I have officially lost all patience! 652 more words

Faking the Funk

My saga continues on Match.com. I use to be fascinated with romance, now I’m more realistic. For me, genuine and real is very important to me because integrity is key. 1,038 more words

Where You Going Player?

I have been thinking about something the last few days, where are all the men? What I mean is the ones I like, attracted to, cute ones? 801 more words

Stage Five Clinger!

A little about me and my dating status. I haven’t been on a date in three years. Got tired of all the non-sense of dating and decided to take a time out.   1,206 more words