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Lesson 7: Deep Roots are Needed

In September, we taught a lesson in Kids Worship on Deep Roots. Trees whose roots run deep can withstand the highest winds and toughest storms. In life, the truth of God’s word must be the roots that run deep into our hearts, souls, and minds. 820 more words

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Lesson 6: Music Helps

As I journeyed through the crazy summer of 2017 (moving, graduations, babies, weddings, work, speaking) I discovered one thing that kept my eyes on Jesus. Music! 97 more words

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Lesson 5: God Gives Life

I was about to leave a meeting when a pastor at our church stopped me, “How’s Tori doing?”

“Good,” I replied.

“I’ve really been praying for you all,” he said. 69 more words

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Lesson 3: Best Advice Ever

After sharing the news with the pastors that day around the table, one of the pastors in the room offered me the greatest advice ever. Through tears of his own, sharing one of his deep hurts, he said, “Stephanie, you don’t have to tell anybody you don’t want to tell.” I was totally shocked! 386 more words

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Lesson 2: What Will the Pastors Say?

I sat around a table of godly men, pastors of the church-the only woman in the room. Our pastor said, “I want to hear how you are doing. 466 more words

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Lesson 1: Telling Daddy

Many of you had the wonderful privilege of reading my daughter’s blog last week. If not, I’m sharing it below so you can see.

Just A Bunch of Cracking Up… 573 more words
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Busy Mom...this is for you

When I saw this post, I LOVED it! It’s simple to read with quick, easy steps that YOU can do!

Check it out. I promise you will thank me later. 6 more words

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