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Flying Iron-y: Letter from Earhart is Echo of Women's Heartache

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our everyday nonsense that we forget our legacy–then fate sends us a gentle reminder.

Here’s a swift kick in the ass from our Aunt Amelia, in the form of a kind, ironic letter. 1,304 more words

Aviation Matters

A Powerful Start for Women In Aviation in 2016, as AFA-CWA Condemns Misogynist Flight Attendant Recruiting Farce

After closing 2015 with a major setback for the rights of women in aviation–in particular for cabin crew professionals–the Association of Flight Attendants, CWA (AFA) International has fought back.  482 more words


Truly empowered

Our great grandmothers fought to get us the right to vote, our grandmothers contributed to making the world a better, safer place through their efforts in a wide range of roles from head of family to flying the Spitfire during the second World War, our mothers battled to get us in the work place and here we are struggling to establish ourselves as professionals and mothers at the same time and the result is quite often burn out and the feeling of being utterly powerless. 699 more words

Women Are Pilots Too

The pursuit of aviation is no easy task, especially for 21-year-old Sarah Graham. A senior at Liberty University’s School of Aeronautics, Graham’s dream of being a pilot hasn’t come without its share of obstacles. 495 more words

Legendary Ladies: Bee Falk Haydu

Something I’ve been meaning to start a series of and write about for awhile is the women who inspire me.  While these ladies have all inspired me personally, I feel fairly confident that they could inspire other women (and men) too.   772 more words

Bee Falk Haydu

God's Territory

The spinning had become almost unbearable. All I could hear was the sound of air howling all around me, above me, under me. It was forcing me upwards, and the thin metal bubble that was protecting me from the sky’s fury rattled and shook. 397 more words

Female Pilots