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The Business Woman Must Stomp Harder

There are always headlines in the press that highlight the position of women in business and they are very rarely positive. Yes there are some great women who are both successful and massively influential but there is also ongoing stories about inequality, unequal pay and a lack of women at boardroom level. 962 more words


Goal Setting and Goal Getting Series Part 1 – Why we should set goals and the secret to goal getting

Why is it that some people seem to be able to set goals and actually achieve them, whereas others seem to struggle no matter what they do? 513 more words

Business Tips

Walking in Someone Else’s Shoes

Understanding another person’s situation often helps to see things from a different viewpoint, a balance that is essential if we want to have effective relationships.  Gaining an awareness of those around you and discovering how they live their lives is often very inspiring. 361 more words

WiB Meeting Review

Women in Business: Alexa von Tobel

I discovered Alexa von Tobel, founder of the financial planning startup LearnVest via a New York Times article (and accompanying video) in their Corner Office feature. 652 more words

Inspiring Women

Tech mindsets need to be altered in order to improve diversity

I’ve been away for a while now – been busy settling into a new job and altering my mindset from college student to graduate – which hasn’t been the easiest transition! 645 more words


ny list of empty marketing phrases will include a couple of loved and familiar entries. They make us laugh while feeling safely immune from their emptiness. 441 more words