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Here I Go Again

I promised myself at age 18 that I would not spend my life doing just one thing. I have lived up to that promise and at age 72 am embarking on a new career. 150 more words

Big Goals, Bigger Dreams: Madi's Story 💪

When you grow up hearing the phrase “set your goals high, but your dreams higher,” you know that your parents are setting you up to have great confidence, self-assuredness, and professional success. 487 more words


When I Grow Up I Want To Be A... | Mental Health Worker

This week, following World Mental Health Day, we have a guest post from Angela, who has been working in mental health for all of her adult life.  864 more words


If your laptop was stolen

So this is a subject that I feel strongly about. Something I’ve had the misfortune of experiencing recently.

I have a couple of questions worth thinking about. 491 more words


Situation 48: taking things personally

Billy and Betsy are having their monthly ‘mentoring’ session. Boss was not happy with the monthly performance report Betsy has sent in. She takes the criticism highly personally  Billy gets fed up after a while and tells her to toughen up. 528 more words

Fifty Years and Holding

My memoir, An Extraordinary Ordinary Life, will be published late this fall by wordeee.com. The book parallels my life experiences with changes in society and the workplace for women in the 50 years since I graduated from college.  95 more words