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Are you with me? Have you heard this term saturate the media. I am reading about it, hearing about it, listening as it rolls of the tip of the tongue of our social commentators. 221 more words

Professional Learning

More Paradox from Ms Tamboukou

I have written about Maria Tamboukou’s article before here. Today as I skimmed my readings again these quotes sat heavily with me.

I was a teacher.

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Education has taught us that we have smashed many glass ceilings over the decades – so where are the women leaders? There are plenty of female teachers of course, so one wonders where they vanish to?

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Research, Reading and Relaxation

The life of the PhD student does not grind to a halt when the rest of the world takes a vacation. In the midst of Christmas and New Year celebrations, time at the beach and basking in the Australian Summer sun there is still that thread of ideas that keeps surfacing, begging for attention. 119 more words

Women In Education

Collective Leadership

You hire people who have capacity; you help them build that capacity and you let them shine. And I get the residual effect of that all the time, but I no longer need to be in the limelight as ….the person who made all of this happen because that’s not what makes me feel successful.

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Women in education leadership...I may be naive

From my Staffrm post.

It’s been a while since I wrote anything, anywhere. Not out of a lack of interest as I’ve certainly enjoyed seeing what others have shared online. 788 more words


Questions to ask if you are a mom that wants to go back to school

Debra Daniels with the Women’s Resource Center at the University of Utah shares the questions women should ask if they are considering going back to school. 28 more words

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