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Everything You Know About Gamers is Wrong

We’ve known for a long time that gaming is no longer the preserve of sweaty, bedroom-bound teenage males (if indeed it ever was). But I was intrigued to read… 570 more words

Video Games

Tumblr Blogger hits nail on the head about the portrayal of female characters..very surprising

So I woke up to see a link from tumblr posted by one of my favorite cosplayers regarding the portrayal of female characters in video games. 335 more words


International Women's Day, Google image searching, and older female characters in games

I’ve had a notion of a post pinging around in my head for a while, and as today is International Women’s Day, it felt like a timely moment to get to it. 1,041 more words


The Witches - Review

The Witches (Terry Pratchet), by Martin Wallace, is a great board game with beautiful art, straight forward rules and just enough complexity to be compelling without making it inaccessible. 685 more words



Sony’s top guy in Europe isn’t sitting on the fence when it comes to GamerGate. Forget the nuanced debate over whether it’s an online consumer rights movement or a hate mob. 39 more words


Gamer Spotlight! Featuring Ube Empress!

What’s up everybody! We’re gonna change it up this time around. I’m gonna start doing a Gamer Spotlight segment. This segment is to have your everyday gamers give their perspective on gaming. 2,647 more words

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Hey guys, I wrote a piece about sexism, gamer girls, and what it's like to game as woman for a friend's blog. Check it out!