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The Development of a Strong Female character

Creating a strong female character that is unique and three dimensional In design and personality is a difficult task. But it is one that my group and I have taken on gladly. 482 more words

Senior Thesis

How to pick up chicks in Quake 2

Stay a while and listen while I break from my usual M.O. of reviewing hoards of games to recount an offbeat tale of railguns and romance. 838 more words

Religion in Video Games and a thank you to Mass Effect Andromeda

In May 2017,  a member of ScaryGranules partook in an interview with well known gaming magazine for their special issue focusing on the Women in Games Awards, which they were nominated in a category. 1,176 more words

Gaming Buzz

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Undeniable Appeal of Robot-Dinosaurs

Cascading in super-slow motion off the side of a cliff while simultaneously firing three electrified arrows at an enormous robot dinosaur, watching its laser cannons fly off its back as it flies into the tripwires that were set a moment earlier – that’s the kind of fun I’m having with this game.  1,339 more words


Wait... You like games?

My little sister told me one day, “I don’t bring up games to boys because I’m not a gamer.” The same sister I watch play at least 3-4 hours of games every week. 1,164 more words


Women in games industry exhibit coming to ACMI this July

Women make up only a small portion of our industry, but their contributions are enormous. Code Breakers is a new exhibit coming to ACMI, highlighting all the accomplishments of women in the Australian industry. 109 more words


Jenny Haniver Interview

It’s no secret that the best way to rid the games industry of gender inequality and make it a fair and equal place for all is to expose just how serious and widespread the problem is, whether that’s calling out a developer for their portrayal of a female character, highlighting the negative experiences of female game developers or exposing the abuse female players experience online. 1,111 more words

Female Gamers