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Sony’s top guy in Europe isn’t sitting on the fence when it comes to GamerGate. Forget the nuanced debate over whether it’s an online consumer rights movement or a hate mob. 39 more words


Gamer Spotlight! Featuring Ube Empress!

What’s up everybody! We’re gonna change it up this time around. I’m gonna start doing a Gamer Spotlight segment. This segment is to have your everyday gamers give their perspective on gaming. 2,647 more words

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Hey guys, I wrote a piece about sexism, gamer girls, and what it's like to game as woman for a friend's blog. Check it out!

How to Fix (Poor) Gender Diversity in Games

The solution seems simple: put more female characters in games, and stop hypersexualizing them. It’s not that easy, though. Developers can’t just put random female characters into their games, in the same way that they can’t put in gay characters, just for the sake of having gay characters. 1,317 more words

Women In Games

Gender Diversity in Video Games: A Study

This study was written in April, 2014.

While gender diversity in video games has improved in recent years, the fight is far from over. Many games continue to hypersexualize female characters, enhancing their appearance with impractically-large body parts, as well as giving them childish or submissive personalities. 2,117 more words

Women In Games

One Week of Harassment on Twitter


Ever since I began my Tropes vs Women in Video Games project, two and a half years ago, I’ve been harassed on a daily basis by irate gamers angry at my critiques of sexism in video games.

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Villains, love interests and The Amazing Spider-Man 2

I love superhero movies. I recently watched The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and was pleasantly surprised. To be honest, I didn’t feel that the first reboot brought anything new to Sam Raimi’s original and wasn’t sure about the point of its existence. 779 more words