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Second Marriage-For Men Only?

In this opinion article, Kayan lawyer Rawan Eghbariah, puts the problem of women’s lack of rights in the Sharia Courts onto the table. In particular she addresses the Sharia Court’s assumption that women who are wish to remarry after a divorce should lose custody of their children. 32 more words

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Brochure for Victims of Sexual Harassment

In this brochure, Kayan’s lawyers published a “what to do” manual for women victims of sexual harassment. The brochure details how to contact the police, women’s rights, and the legal procedures for dealing with cases of sexual harassment. 36 more words

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Know Your Employment Rights

In this publication Kayan’s lawyers address a number of issues facing employed women, including maternity leave, and other employment rights. The publication also features examples of how to fill out employment forms for employers and government agencies. 23 more words

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Regulations for the Prevention of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

According to the Prevention of Sexual Harassment Law (1998) every workplace in Israel with over 25 employees must have  published and accessible  regulations for the prevention of sexual harassment. 76 more words

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Israeli Arab women: Stuck in economic purgatory, without a paddle

Yara Mashour raises her voice to be heard over the call to prayer from a nearby mosque. The editor of Lilac, Israel’s popular Arab magazine, is just off deadline and she is taking a rare breather to explain her most controversial cover shot, a first for the Arab world: bikini-clad Huda Nakash, an Israeli Arab from Haifa who had just been crowned Miss Earth. 2,186 more words


Palestinian Civil Society in Israel Demands Urgent Action on Gaza

Press release 14 July 2014

We, the undersigned organizations, express extreme concern at the rapidly deteriorating situation within the Gaza Strip and urge the international community to take immediate action to halt the deadly aggression being waged against Palestinian civilians in Gaza. 668 more words

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Violations of Palestinian Women's Rights Working in the Private Sector in the Palestinian Society in Israel - 2014

Kayan’s Legal Department recently examined the employment conditions of working Palestinian women in the private Palestinian employment sector in Israel. Kayan’s unique research highlights the core issues that surround the lack of basic employment needs, and reveals disturbing findings in regards to rights violations, showing that 88% of the 27 women we interviewed, received a salary lower than the minimum wage defined by the law. 84 more words

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