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5 Characteristics of Successful Women Leaders

By Lionel Luigi Lopez 

Women have come a long way in recent years. It is hard to imagine that just a half a century ago, women in many countries around the world were not allowed to vote or hold public office. 733 more words


Federal Contracting Success Story of Mickey Swortzel's New Eagle Consulting Company

Interview with Mickey M. Swortzel, CFO of New Eagle Consulting

  1. Tell us a little about your company and its mission.

Mickey Swortzel: We are a engineering services and product distribution company that also develops products used for control systems. 759 more words

Government Contracting

Pants as Optional

My friend Amy Wolfe has a gorgeous little girl. On a recent Facebook post she mentioned Miss E was going through “pants as optional” phase. My mind immediately went to Tina Fey’s… 280 more words


How much are you worth?

The thorny question of remuneration is in the news today, as the High Pay Centre analysis of annual reports found that the salaries of chief executives in the FTSE 100 had increased more than 10% last year compared to the previous year. 544 more words

Life is like a Jigsaw Puzzle

My brother loves puzzles. The bigger, with smaller pieces, the better. Giant jigsaws. Mostly, he would do them by himself, but once in a while my parents and I would jump in and help him when he brought them out to the table. 222 more words

The {Almost} Pastor's Wife

Ministry is something some of us chose all on our own. For some of us, we marry it. The funny thing is, when you marry young; as many in ministry do, often times, your spouse doesn’t have a job. 297 more words

Anything is possible

Today’s twitter feed has been notable for two stories in particular. Firstly, a letter in the Financial Times from members of the Investor Group of the 30% Club expressing disappointment that progress towards the target of one-third of FTSE 350 board positions by 2020 has slowed, according to the Female FTSE Board Report 2016. 449 more words