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Supporting Female Students in Mathematics


Looking through articles on NCTM’s website, I cam across this really interesting one about how a math teacher was questioning his seven year old daughter about division. 484 more words

Math Love Poem

A short, simple and yet lovely math love poem – unfortunately cannot remember where I found it.

Oh God, make the love between us equal…

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Women In Math

Maryam Mirzakhani

Maryam Mirzakhani, the first and only woman to receive the Fields Medal – the highest honor in mathematics – has died at age 40 of breast cancer. 56 more words

Women In Math

As you do unto us

This post is for the men in mathematics who have been disturbed by the recent wave of disclosures and pushback against sexual harassment. You are horrified to learn that men have been doing such things, and you extend your sympathy to the victims, but you also need to know the possible implications for you. 2,503 more words


Gifted while female

Popular entertainment stories about prodigies tend to follow certain common threads. The prodigy is smart but poorly socialized and sometimes a bit of an asshole. If well-meaning people can talk him off that perch, we get a happy ending (“Good Will Hunting”). 3,917 more words