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Bridging the Gap through Storytelling

Author: Khawar Mahmood

A couple of days back on my long way to office, I came across two very interesting articles on my facebook wall. The first article published in The Express Tribune titled “ 569 more words


As the campaign of the first woman to become the presidential candidate of a major political party gets underway, the wannabe President from the other party indulges in slurs against women and minorities. 1,539 more words

Women In Media

Putting my cinema-viewing to the Bechdel Test

I’ve finally decided to put my compulsive cinema-going to good use by checking out how many of the 100 films I’ve seen at the cinema in 2015 and 2016 so far passed the Bechdel Test. 1,092 more words

The Martian: A Book Review, kinda

Book review time! Yay!!! Books are great. But what’s more great than reading books? Getting to talk to the author in person about it afterward, and that’s something I was extremely fortunate to experience recently. 553 more words

Book Review

Why Video Games Need to Stop Making Women Damsels in Distress

Most of my knowledge of video games come from my male friends and 13-year-old sister. Though I’m not a gamer, I personally find it odd (and somewhat contradicting), that these extreme amazing worlds that often are more advanced then our own reality, represent women with the same sexist and male gaze-driven representation as every other type of media does. 554 more words


Coffee with Alex King

Alexandra King is a force to be reckoned with. She has spent the last TK years as a broadcast journalist, covering everything from TK to TK. 8,712 more words

Body image and the media

Forgive me for the unforgivingly sexist spurn of boys on this post, but there’s just something about how women’s body ideas are perceived in today’s media that needs to be addressed. 648 more words