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Women Calling The Shots - A swinging pendulum over an active volcano

By Margarita Sophia Cortes

NYWIFT Board VP Margarita Sophia Cortes wrote about the recent Hollywood sexual harassment firestorm in our HuffPost column – addressing the importance of speaking out, supporting one another, and no longer letting the boys club get its way. 227 more words


Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to tell women's stories on TV I go

I have some exciting news, folks: I’m getting an MFA in TV writing.

My mission: To change the way women’s stories are depicted in popular culture. 341 more words

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We Gather, LA Conference 2017

There’s nothing better than some Friday inspiration. It does get even sweeter when it is brought to you by amazing women in the form of the We Gather, LA Conference and hosted at your office on your 25th birthday. 1,138 more words

Samira Ahmed: Blade Runner meets The Good Life


Broadcasting House. You know the one, near the Church, back of Oxford Circus, Orwell did a stint there. Room 101 no less. Newsspeak, political turmoil, scandal, these corridors have seen it all. 6,209 more words

Women in Media excerpt

Something near and dear to my heart from a larger piece I wrote on the ever-changing portrayals of gender in media:

When discussing a shortage of females in the media, it is important to note that this could not mean a literal lack of females – but a lack of females depicted as… 196 more words

How Chicas Poderosas Miami helped find my groove back

It’s odd to say that a three-day local mediathon event helped me out of my long-winded depression period. And yet, it’s what happened to me starting on April 10, 2016 when I signed up for Chicas Poderosas. 1,446 more words


NYWIFT's Statement on Sexual Harassment and Abuse in the Entertainment Industry

Dear NYWIFT Members,

The entertainment industry was rocked by a New York Times exposé of decades of sexual harassment allegations leveled at producer Harvey Weinstein and, as the days unfold, accounts of abuses by other top men in the industry are surfacing rapidly. 482 more words