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Post Grad Job Search: What if Passion Just Doesn’t Cut it?

The worst career advice I ever heard as a twenty-one year old near college graduate was to discover my passion and make it my job. 802 more words


'Amsterdam' has a big takeaway for small cast

Original independent play ‘Amsterdam’ is a women’s coming-of-age manifesto

By Kat Karpoff

Dan McPeake makes his playwright debut exploring existential themes in Amsterdam, a one-act play now showing at Douglas College. 217 more words


Women in Fiction

A topic often discussed these days, perhaps not discussed enough, is women in fiction. Primarily the discussion is centered around the role they play and if they actually serve a purpose to continuing plots. 381 more words

Women In Media

Beyoncé, Hillary, and 'The Good Wife': The Power of Women Scorned

First, Hillary Clinton was talking about carrying hot sauce in her bag at the same time that “I got hot sauce in my bag” became a catch phrase, thanks to Beyoncé’s Super Bowl song, “Formation.” Then Beyoncé put out an entire album, … 759 more words


Whose News Story is it anyway?

This was originally published in the journal Vidura ISSN  0042-5303 (April-June 2016) Issue. 

“There is no chance of the welfare of the world unless the condition of women is improved. 847 more words

Writing Our Own Deliverance

Once again, a Tumblr post has made me think thoughts.

This piece on geek girls/growing up female/becoming a female creator came across my feed recently, and the bit that struck me the most was this: 756 more words


The Media Gender Gap...and what to do about it.

by Grace McDermott

“ The news is still, by and large, made by men for men. Research from the Global Media Monitoring Project (GMMP), based on 114 countries and released today, shows that only 24 per cent of persons seen, heard or read about in the media are women. 1,911 more words