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Feature: Rene Daniella

My name is René Daniella, and I am originally of both English and American heritage. In my 26 years I have lived in 9 different cities across 4 countries, two of which were not English speaking. 238 more words

Feature: Brittne Babe

Who is Brittne?
Brittne Babe is a natural athlete, certified personal trainer, online health and wellness coach and a full time college student. With over 1 million followers on her social media accounts, she has helped millions of men and women all over the world with motivation, technique and nutrition. 247 more words


If you’ve been following Hollywood’s award ceremonies this season you might be struck by the lack of female representation on the list of nominees. This isn’t a new phenomenon, every year it’s the same story. 421 more words


Women in TV

There is a variety of television shows that air weekly, ranging from quirky families to young millennials just trying to get by. Each show contains a different range of characters from age, race, gender, sexual orientation, and social class. 1,291 more words


Feature: Sibley Scoles

Correspondent, “E! News”; Host, “The Battle of the Ex-Besties”

Born and raised in Northern California, Sibley Scoles found entertainment and music early on and made plans to take her passions to the next level. 97 more words

Image of the Day: Media Coverage of the Women’s Marches


The CNN panel is even worse than the gender ratios industry-wide:

But perhaps things will eventually change—and sooner, rather than later:

Women In Higher Education

Feature: Courtney Connley

Hi! I’m Courtney, the mentor in your head with a sweet spot for storytelling and helping millennials win in the workplace and at life.

After graduating from the University of Maryland, College Park with a degree in journalism, I, like most DMV natives, landed a comfortable job with the government to help me start on this crazy yet exciting journey of adulthood. 144 more words