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Hooking Up With Tila Tequila: Chapter 3: Photos

Chapter 3 of Tila’s book consists of one paragraph of text and 31 pages of photos. Hence the clever title. But her idea to include so many of her modeling photos seems to be problematic, not just for her, but also for many of the other claims in the book. 833 more words

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Victoria's (Real) Secret: She's Photoshopped


As much as I hate generic sites, they often turn up gems like this one. The author does a wonderful job of dissecting the photoshopping of the Victoria’s Secret model. 45 more words

(Her)Story: A Revolution

Originally published on The Huffington Post

Think back to your high school’s United States history book: Remember that tiny paragraph on the women’s suffrage movement? The one-sentence descriptions on the contributions of Rosalind Franklin to the discovery of DNA, Coretta Scott King to the civil rights movement, and Eleanor Roosevelt to the New Deal policies? 571 more words


Ideal Beauty Throughout History

Yes, it’s BuzzFeed. But the video makes a great point: beauty standards shift with time and culture.┬áThe current standard is the fit, trim, thigh-gap, ‘natural’ beauty, but that’s the beauty standard of mid 2010’s modern America. 231 more words

How do you write a woman?

On fictional ladies and why we all kind of suck at writing them, even when we don’t.

Yesterday, I was discussing with my parents a new book the publishing house I work at recently acquired, explaining briefly the plot and what the process is like to take a book from submitted manuscript to finished hardcover. 1,005 more words


Does Marriage Equal Happiness?

On Father’s Day I had a Skype date with my dad. The typical questions were asked; how is your health, how is your job, how is your relationship? 1,094 more words


1K A Day Motivational - "It Inspires Me" June Edition

It’s the last week of June and that means I get to write a review and pretend it’s part of my weekly series!

This month we are heading back into television land to talk about Orange is the New Black and why it inspires me as a writer and as a person. 371 more words