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Guest Post by Cyndee Schaffer: My Mama Wore Combat Boots

(From Beyond Willow Bend, February 28, 2013)

How many of us remember childhood taunts shouting “Your mama wore combat boots” when we were in elementary school? 812 more words

U.S. Military Generals Want Women to Register for the Draft

A few days ago, my husband mentioned that he still had his draft papers somewhere. I was surprised- as a female who didn’t have to think about such things, I didn’t realize that the draft didn’t end with the Vietnam War. 151 more words

Military Officials: Women Should Register for Draft — Just Like Men - NBC News

  • Now that all combat jobs are open to women, the top Army and Marine Corps officers say they should have to register for the draft — just like men.
  • 128 more words

Why Have Equal Rights When I Can Have Special Priviledges

Today it is a CHOICE for women to join the army but 20 years from now your name or maybe your daughter’s will be drafted just like a man for you to go fight in some war. 38 more words


What more than 30 years in the military taught Lt. Gen. Michelle Johnson about leadership

Though she excelled in most disciplines while at the Air Force Academy, Lieutenant General Michelle Johnson distinguished herself in sports—particularly basketball.

“In sports, we all just wanna win so it doesn’t matter if you take the shot or make the pass,” she said on Tuesday at the… 304 more words