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Good Neighbor Day

This Wednesday, September 28th is Good Neighbor Day.  I had never heard of Good Neighbor Day or Mad Hatter’s Day or National Candy Corn day until I was introduced to the website… 293 more words


The Dock and the Boat; Being "Biblical" in a Changing World


Have you ever stepped from a dock into a rocking boat? Spiritually, the precariousness of this situation is where we live our lives as Christians.  1,415 more words


Jesus & Women

This morning Guy and I taught one of our church’s adult classes on the topic of “Jesus & Women.” We talked about 1st century Greek, Roman and Jewish culture in which women were powerless possessions of their male head-of-households. 1,502 more words

Just Do It

Since I have an entire category labeled “Women in Ministry,” you might have guessed that this is kind of an issue for me. Part of it probably goes back to growing up with three older brothers, but when someone tells me I can’t do something because I’m a girl, I just have to prove them wrong.  556 more words

Women In Ministry

Bumblebees Fly Anyway

Did you hear the buzz?  “Mama T” was in the hive this past Sunday, and all who attended were left with the sweet taste of the Word of God, like honey to their mouths. 383 more words

Women in Ministry - Global Perspectives

Dear Readers,

I am going to be taking a short break from the weekly posts. I am going to study for a Doctor of Ministry degree. 375 more words


on post holes and academic discipline

digging post holes…this isn’t the part I expected to miss

breaking down rocks with the metal bar, clawing out loose gravel with your bare hands, measuring to find there are always a few more inches to go… 291 more words