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The Women Who Follow Jesus

Occasionally I guest blog elsewhere. Here’s my latest post for the Biblical Gender Equality Blog for the ECC — The Women Who Follow Jesus.

[BIBLE CHALLENGE] John 4: The first female evangelist

The story of the Samaritan woman is well known. When she travelled to Jacob’s well, little did she know the Messiah would be sitting on the surrounding wall. 255 more words

Esther Magazine

The Church (Contours of Christian Theology)

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Publisher’s Description

At a time in which the very word church sounds a tone of dull irrelevance, the doctrine of the church has suffered the studied neglect of many Christian leaders. 201 more words


Unfit to Lead? Women, Singles, and Childless

“Women can’t be pastors and elders, the Bible says an elder must be ‘a husband of one wife.'”

Wait a minute. What did you say? 1,234 more words


The Incarnation of the Issue: Gender Equality

In Christianity we have a fundamental belief that God became flesh–all of who God is entered deeply into the human struggle. We call this mystical act “incarnation”–the Word became Flesh. 841 more words


A Female Apostle?

Note: This blog has appeared on my website as a “starter blog” since 2009.  Now that I have a more developed blog, it is being added to my main blog site with the rest of my blogs. 1,874 more words

Apostle Dr Lee Ann Marino

Starting over... for some reason

I’m an external processor. When I’m trying to work something out, when I’m not quite sure where to go next, when something is bothering me or exciting me or driving me forward I want to, no, have to work it out outside of my own mind, usually verbally. 470 more words

Women In Ministry