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The Real Crisis of Authority

So you may have noticed the parody that I published yesterday of this article in Christianity Today. Parody and satire are great for blowing off steam, but they don’t quite explain how the steam came to rise in the first place. 1,011 more words


The Disciples-Thomas

“I have a friend who just turned 88, and she just shared with me that she’s afraid of dying.I sit here years from her experience and try to bring her comfort. 1,143 more words

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Who's in Charge of Monks Nailing Theses to Church Doors?

* A parody of this article in Christianity Today, inspired by a tweet from Thomas Horrocks (@thomaslhorrocks).

The rise of church doors in the early 1500s has yielded the genre of the “church reformer.” From the comfort of their studies, these heretical monks can pen lengthy criticisms of Catholicism and affix them to church doors for any passing peasant to see. 1,037 more words


My Turn: A Femifesto by Marcia Mount Shoop

It’s coming up on a year now that pretty much everything changed in my family’s life. My over twenty years of married life, up until last year around this time, our lives had been built around my husband’s job. 1,064 more words


Stories of Deeply Rooted and Transformed Lives

Last year, I joined the Redbud Writers Guild, which envisions “a vibrant and diverse movement of Christian women who create in community and who influence culture and faith.” So far I’ve only met one Redbud in person, so for me the community is mainly a virtual one, but I’m gradually getting to know some of the other members, and I’m excited to be part of the Guild’s new anthology of women’s writing. 672 more words


#ThingsOnlyChristianWomenHear trended on Twitter this week

"God has called me to ministry!"
"Do you mean Children's or Music ministry???" or "That can't be right…"#ThingsOnlyChristianWomenHear

— Ruth Perry (@ruthmperry) April 19, 2017…

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What should women do?

“Just imagine what would happen to this church if all the women left.”

The looks on the men’s faces turned from indifference to shock and horror.

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Knowing God