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Gloria (Secular Feminist)

Sarah (Evangelical Egalitarian)

Abraham (Neo-Patriarch)

Moderator (Neutral)

Evangelical Egalitarianism

Moderator: Now that Gloria, our representative of secular feminism, has presented her viewpoint, Sarah will present her understanding of evangelical egalitarianism. 1,422 more words

holy fool

“…As we grow in wisdom, we realize that everything belongs and everything can be received. We see that life and death are not opposites. They do not cancel one another out; neither do goodness and badness. 369 more words

Open Letter to Lake Shore

Dear Pastor Kyndall and Lake Shore Baptist Church,

I greet you in the name of Jesus Christ.

I came to you in 2013 as a closeted seminarian and you welcomed me and my leadership. 473 more words


The other Phoebe: Why an alleged chauvinist chose an ordained woman to deliver the world's most influential letter


For many moderns, this is a fitting description of the apostle Paul.

After all, there are a couple of famous passages in Paul’s letters that have been taken as forbidding women from positions of leadership and teaching in the church. 719 more words


Christmas Program Mistaken Identity - Woman In the Pulpit

I’m sure all of you have had instances of people mistaking you for someone other than who you really are. How do you deal with it? 392 more words

Woman In The Pulpit

Doing Ministry

Currently I am in school majoring in Church Leadership and interning in the student ministries. I absolutely love everything I do at the church that I attend and am so thankful for all the ways I have grown here! 559 more words


What's Next?

The division in our nation is national news. As we gather in the comfort of pews in the coming months, some joyfully breathe a sigh of relief and some fear for what’s ahead. 492 more words

Intercultural Ministry