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The Political Participation of Women in Post-Conflict Bosnia and Herzegovina

by Tajma Kapic

This is the first piece in a two-part series on the political participation of women in the post-conflict societies of Northern Ireland and Bosnia and Herzegovina. 1,406 more words


In the Year of Trump, Democrats Are Fielding a Near-Record Number of Female Senate Candidates

If 2016 has been the Year of Trump in politics, it may also end up being a new Year of the Woman, if Democrats get their way. 882 more words


The Presidential Gender Gap

The role of gender in real and fictional debates.

by Sarah Tipton

Television shows have explored the idea of a female President of the U.S. in recent years, but America has only glimpsed this possibility thus far in primary debates. 3,109 more words


"A Spectacularly Stupid Strategy": Why Trump’s 'Woman Card' Attack On Clinton Is Sheer Lunacy

I have no idea what kind of discussions go on when Donald Trump is talking to his campaign advisers, though I suspect there’s a lot of “You were terrific, Mr. 1,262 more words

Donald Trump

"Trump Plays The Man’s Card": It's Like A Credit Card That Isn’t Accepted Anywhere But Carries A $3,000 Annual Fee

Republicans have often been indignant at being portrayed as waging a “war on women,” and the rhetoric sometimes was, indeed, a bit over the top. Until Donald Trump showed up. 823 more words


Christine Gregoire & Barbara Roberts: A Conversation with the Governors

When: 7PM, Tuesday, May 24th
Where: Downstairs at Town Hall, 1119 Eighth Avenue
Cost: $10; buy tickets here

Only 37 women have served as governor in our nation’s history, compared with more than 2,000 men. 66 more words


"I, For One, Am Sick Of Waiting": The Overwhelming Urgency Of Hillary Clinton's Cabinet Promise

The other day Hillary Clinton made the kind of pledge that makes waves, but which should not, in all honesty, have to be made at all: “I am going to have a cabinet that looks like America,” … 776 more words

Hillary Clinton