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Cruz meets with Taiwanese president, blasts China

Sen. Ted Cruz scolded China for trying to quash his meeting with the Taiwanese president on Sunday, the second time in just over a month a prominent Republican has publicly poked the People’s Republic over a communication with the contested island nation. 414 more words

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Dear Women Who Voted for Trump:

Why’d you do it?

You know how a lot of our cultural conditioning has raised us to regard women as being dictated by their emotions, as if we’re loonies without any ability to reason logically?  1,539 more words

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Happy Friday! So, yes, there’s a part of me that wants to ignore what’s happening in my country today, but I am still hopeful for the future. 556 more words


Nicola Kelly: a BBC journalists' struggles and successes behind the scenes

Written by: Celia Pannetier, the co-editor for this blog. Celia is in her third year studying International Relations in the department of War Studies, motivated by creative political expression,  political theory and intercultural perspectives.  1,016 more words

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The Psychology of the Vote

When I wrote my post about women in American politics, I cited the archetype of the lone hero who rides into town, rights wrongs, and rides off alone as the driving force behind the surprising number of people, including women, who voted for Donald Trump. 1,105 more words

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New Clinton messages show passwords, schedules flowed freely

Hillary Clinton’s emails are still coming to light. And they help illustrate why the FBI declared she was “extremely careless” with the information flowing across her secret server. 637 more words

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Donald Trump backs Julian Assange over Russia hacking claim

President-elect Donald Trump has backed Wikileaks founder Julian Assange in casting doubt on intelligence alleging Russian meddling in the US election. Mr Assange said Russia was not the source for the site’s mass leak of emails from the Democratic Party. 205 more words

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