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Watch the video of my interview with her here.First Black Mayor of Maple Heights

Mrs. Blackwells story is inspiring and motivating not just for a person of color but for a woman of color going into politics..This trailer is just a peek into more to come…Please leave your thoughts and comments…What unique role do women play in politics..

Video: February 2016 To The Contrary Appearance

I appeared as a panelist on this week’s To The Contrary, and discussed young women in politics, women and the draft, and football and feminism. 9 more words


Those I've met in my mind

Hillary Clinton. Two TV series and one move that she likes describe who she aspires to be. Unusual information about a daily news subject. Read it on page: … 7 more words

"Michael Moore’s Casual Chauvinism": To A Lot Of Men, The Woman-President Thing Just Isn’t Important

It isn’t exactly shocking that Michael Moore has endorsed Bernie Sanders, so normally I wouldn’t comment. But Moore’s letter announcing his reasons for backing the Bern is one of the most un-self-aware documents I’ve read in a long time, and it shines a light on one of the biggest obstacles… 1,139 more words

Hillary Clinton

Politics in entertainment: Claire Dunphy for Council?

You don’t have to look hard to find examples of the porous boundaries between politics and entertainment. Political information is presented in entertainment formats from Buzzfeed lists to satirical news shows, Russell Brand is calling on us to ditch capitalism, and David Cameron wants you to know that he like, totally loves Game Of Thrones. 1,278 more words