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Skinny Dipping

It was a hot summer afternoon when Kay walked out of her house and down the steps of the back porch heading in the direction of the creek that ran through the woods not very far away. 2,619 more words

Sex Writing

Stunned into Submission

It was a warm summer evening on the night of the first full moon that the curly brown haired, sky blue eyed and well hung two legged dear hunter and aspiring poet. 1,635 more words

Angel Of Death


As the sun steadily climbed up to its noonday position Brandi, a raven haired goddess with a curvaceous figure, had the misfortune of finding herself lying out beneath the suns burning rays. 993 more words

Angel Of Death

The Cave of Bones

About halfway through her flight back to the shores of the good ole US of A as the Air France supersonic jet flew over the Atlantic ocean having taken off from its home base in Europe.  1,774 more words

Angel Of Death

The Forest Nymph

At first she
was just a paying passenger another
pretty face
hitchhiking across the galaxy like a
million others

Here today while
in transit then gone tomorrow after… 350 more words

Angel Of Death

Dissolved Into Eternity

It had been a very long time since Kay had found herself being seduced by the eighteen son of her employer for whom she’d spent the summer taking care of his young daughter. 1,113 more words

Angel Of Death

Dreaming of Quicksand


From a dream Christine awoke
to find herself
fleeing for her life through the woods
instead of lying
in the loving arms of her husband… 907 more words

Angel Of Death