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Attorney, Engineer, Assistant Trainer: Tiffany Webb's Route to the Racetrack

If you need someone to run your barn, to do some legs, or to run a horse for you, on the flat or over jumps, you might want to give Tiffany Webb a call. 153 more words

(Where are the) Women in Racing?

At a meeting of the NYRA board of directors on Wednesday, August 12, board chair Michael Del Giudice announced that the last vacancy on the board had been filled by Chris Mara, the senior vice president of the New York Giants and a Thoroughbred owner. 184 more words


Novice No Longer, Sheila Rosenblum Hits Her Stride

On the Thursday after the Belmont Stakes, Belmont Park was nearly deserted. A sparse weekday crowd dotted the apron; upscale specialty cocktails were nowhere to be found; attire tended to denim rather than linen, and the hats adorning people’s heads bore not flowers and ribbons, but the insignias of sports teams. 139 more words

Women In Racing

Changing gears? (need advice please)

I’m running out of motorsports things to blog about PLUS I think I’m getting bored with the non stop motorsports babble – BUT I do like having a blog because it helps keep my brain occupied (YES Terri, I DO have a brain.  93 more words


Throwing like a girl, bikinis at Turf Paradise, and a NYRA new hire

“When a guy says ‘You throw a ball like a girl’ or ‘You’re a sissy.’ It reflects an attitude that devalues women, and attitudes will eventually manifest in some fashion.” 956 more words


Who needs Horseplayers? Women handicappers doing just fine

A quick glance at the cast page for Horseplayers reveals that the lead characters don’t offer much in the way of diversity: six characters, six men, all white. 116 more words

Brooklyn Backstretch

At 31, would Danica Patrick be "too old" for F1? (VIDEO)

With several young talented female drivers in the pipeline, at 31 and with a stable career in NASCAR, any such moves for Danica Patrick would be doubtful at best. 105 more words