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Let's get geeky with taxidermy!

Their jobs might be macabre, but these ladies at Chicago’s Field Museum and Afterlife Anatomy are dismembering bodies for science. 23 more words

Damsel Cannibal

From Batman to X-Files: UNSW Ladies in Science

There’s no denying that the plight of women in science has been vanquished. The dragon of misogyny has been defeated, writhing its worm-like tale and belching profanities as it dies. 638 more words


UCLA female faculty faced 'demeaning' mistreatment, probe finds - LA Times

In the letter, Hiatt wrote that he brought in an external investigator to look into the complaints, interview current and former faculty and review documents. The resulting report was finished in October and declared that the women faculty “had correctly identified and documented the unprofessional behavior to which they had been subjected” and had brought their complaints to the attention of administrators numerous times without a proper response, he said. 11 more words

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Great News, Guys: Sexism in Science is Over!

Okay, maybe not.

A recent study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences claims that they found that their hiring experiment shows that professors consider women twice as desirable as men when choosing candidates to hire from a stack of applications. 536 more words

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Sexism in Science Hiring

Okay, friends, I have to vent. I recently read yet another article talking about sexism in hiring of PhDs for faculty jobs. The article unfavorably compared the percentage of female, recently graduated, science PhDs and the current percent of female science faculty members. 459 more words


A one-act play about a study in hiring practices in STEM

Scene: A table at Starbucks

Man #1, a wealthy benefactor
Man #2, an enlightened guy

Man #1: Let me ask you a hypothetical question: given the choice, would you rather have world peace or a billion dollars? 240 more words

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A Southern-American, Bangladesh-Infused Perspective on Gender

Zara Khalid, 22, an Atlanta native with Bangladesh heritage, shares her perspective on gender and millennials. 

What does gender mean to you?

Gender is whatever you personally feel you identify with (male or female). 1,358 more words

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