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Shirley Jackson, PhD

I always feel a little weird writing about the living instead of the dead because I feel like I cannot do them justice. It is easy to pick out what a person’s legacy was once they have left this world because it is what we remember of them. 360 more words

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Portrait of a Scientist

Antoine Lavoisier. Most people might remember this name from their school Chemistry lessons when learning about stoichiometry in reactions, or the law of conservation of mass.  565 more words


Day 14: Mary Anning

Followers of the iconic TV show  F.R.I.E.N.D.S might remember laughing every time Ross’ profession as a paleontologist is mentioned. Indeed the picture that comes to mind is either of an intrepid Indiana Jones like figure who goes on expeditions or a professor covered in mud and dirt. 252 more words

365 Days, 365 Women

Nursing on the Tenure Track

Hello, everyone!  It’s been a while, but I’m still here, mostly reading and commenting on all y’all’s blogs, but also thinking about writing once in a while. 1,979 more words

Watson, Crick, Franklin, and that other guy

If I asked you to name the first person that comes to mind when I say, “discovered DNA,” you would say either Watson or Crick. And you would be wrong. 411 more words

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Women in Medicine - guest post

This post originally appeared on the Inspired by My Mom website, which you can visit here. Many thanks for allowing us to cross post it on Sheroes of History. 1,131 more words

20th Century

Endangered Scientistas: My Marriage as Case-Control Study, Part II

Read Part I first, okay?

The postdoc.

That time in a scientist’s life that my graduate advisor described as the best, the most rewarding: that three-to-six-year period after the Ph.D. 1,039 more words