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Science Moms

There have been some great articles on-line this week talking about the realities of being a female and/or Mom in science and technology.

Meg Duffy tackles the logistics of pumping breast milk at work and sending bottles to daycare in today’s post over at… 244 more words

Working As A Professor

Of a picture that spoke a million words. And, a book reco.

The Mars Orbiter Mission aka the Mangalyan was launched about an year back. It was a proud and happy moment for all of India. Soon after the space probe’s launch, the internet became abuzz with the picture of ISRO women scientists congratulating themselves on the launch. 314 more words

On Race and Gender and Genetics

Many have quoted that “there are no wrong questions, except for the ones that are not posed”.  But we need to also remember that some questions are better addressed with a counter-question, to challenge our assumptions and to dig deeper into the minds of how and why the question is being framed that way. 360 more words


What’s in a Word?

Semantic dementia illuminates the surprising power of words in emotion perception

By Genevieve Wanucha, MGH FTD Unit

What if you couldn’t remember what the word ‘anger’ meant? 1,020 more words

Brain And Emotion Sciences


Recently, scientists have been taking to social media to share their stories of field work bloopers under the tag #fieldworkfail.  Things like dropping fecal samples on themselves, falling sleep while waiting for a turtle to arrive, only to be woken up by the curious turtle crawling over them, or darting a zebra and having it pass out in a precarious position.   779 more words

Women In Science

Some review news, catching up

I’m happy to post some reviews of my new book, Daughters of Alchemy, along with some early reviews, here and here (subscription required). And you can learn a lot more about the book and why I wrote it from this interview by the wonderful people at New Books in History!

Book Reviews

A Portrait of the Scientist as a New Mother

In which a mother-to-be in an academic postdoc position asks her fellow scientists all of her burning (work-related) questions about pregnancy and maternity planning.

Jump to any of the Q&As by clicking the number, or read the full post below. 3,806 more words