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Tracking Tigers in Thailand

**NOTE: No data that we collect, GPS points from the tigers’ collars, or other sensitive information of the park or study will ever be mentioned in these posts to prevent release of pertinent study data (part of a master’s thesis) and to further protect the tigers from possible poachers. 749 more words

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SHE-LOGY: This post is dear to me because it connects with my earlier professional background. Yes, I shamelessly admit that I kicked off my career as a software programmer working with what was probably one of the oldest programming languages — COBOL. 1,045 more words

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SHE-LOGY: Women in Science

One of the women featured in SHE-LOGY Vol.2 is  is the groundbreaking scientist named Rosalind Franklin (in Rosalind Jerrie Mary). She was one of the well-known examples of a female scientist who was not duly credited for her accomplishments. 1,141 more words

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The science education crisis needs a focus on K-6 classrooms

By my counting, we have three kinds of science education crises in the USA. 1,672 more words

Women in Science (March 2015)

Last Thursday I went with Jody to a function organized by “Women at Sydney”. The speaker was Prof Jenny Martin, a very successful scientist who is also an adamant defender of women in science and that has had the courage to suggest… 475 more words


Another Post on Work/Life Balance

It’s the last night of spring break. Two weeks before the break my therapist strongly suggested I take the week entirely off work. Between ramped up research (with intensive data collection requiring my presence), a faculty search, increased service expectations in my third year, and…oh yeah…teaching, I haven’t taken much time for myself this semester and the stress has really been wearing on me. 461 more words


Mystery Achievement (So Real)

There’s something strange about the world’s brightest women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) connecting around one common theme: their own personal insecurity. It’s even more remarkable when this unlikely point of connection propels them toward their career goals. 1,752 more words

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