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Seoul Survivors, Naomi Foyle

Some time in the near-future, an asteroid is detected on a collision course with Earth. Its existence is denied by media and governments, but hackers find evidence of the “truth” in military and governmental computer systems. 801 more words

Science Fiction

Machine by Jennifer Pelland

Celia Krajewski has a fatal genetic condition. Since it’s unique to her it will take some ten years before a cure is possible. Unfortunately, by that point she will have suffered irreparable brain damage. 477 more words

Book Review

If You Want to Avoid Reading White, Straight, Cis Male Authors for a Year...

Straight from Stephanie Souders at

Right Fans: Sci Fi from the Other Side

… have I got a list for you!
Sarah A. Hoyt, for example, is a first generation Portuguese immigrant who grew up in an impoverished village (at least by our standards). 641 more words


They Might Be Aliens

You know, over this entire argument on who is or is not a fan as over the entire argument over what games should or shouldn’t be enjoyed (if you think that’s not what the entire #Gamergate kerfuffle is about you haven’t paid attention. 1,860 more words


The Female Man (1975) by Joanna Russ

Everyone knows that much as women want to be scientists and engineers, they want foremost to be womanly companions to men (what?) and caretakers of childhood; 919 more words

Science Fiction

The Long Tomorrow (1955) by Leigh Brackett

Len Colter sat in the shade under the wall of the horse barn, eating pone and sweet butter and contemplating a sin [7].

That’s a killer first line. 921 more words

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SC Flynn of of Scy-Fy has been running a series of interviews with a number of science fiction bloggers, and I was interviewed recently about… 8 more words