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Announcing New Blog Series: #GirlsWriteBack

Dear Friends,

One month after starting GirlSense & NonSense I wrote a blog post to answer the following question: why only girls? The post talked about portrayals of women in the media, objectification, and the idea that girls simply aren’t valued for their minds and thoughts in the media and larger culture. 246 more words


Je suis vraiment choquée !

Alors, je vous explique. Je fais des courses avec toute ma bande et Baptiste m’interpelle.  “Regarde maman, ça va te plaire …”

Bon, il me connait bien mon garçon, il sait que ça a le don de m’agacer ces livres/cahiers réservés aux filles et aux garçons. 400 more words


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The blog is in French but you will get the idea looking at the images. Books for young children - one for boys, one for girls - look at the difference when showing a map of the world! How can a map of the world look so different in the boy book (Details, realistic colours) and the girl book (Big cute animals, PINK)?? This makes no sense and is so offensive, I have no words! Thank you for pointing this out, merci ActivitésMaison

Amal Clooney Is Sick of Fashion

Last summer, an Egyptian human rights lawyer married George Clooney. Prior to her marriage, Amal became a renowned lawyer in her field, trying many difficult cases. 529 more words

Strong Girl

Stand Strong Girls supports Strong Girls! Have a look at the Strong Girl song, performed by nine female musicians from seven African countries. You can read more about the song… 10 more words

Adventurous Women

Changing the view on women in films

Geena Davis is my favourite person on Facebook. Or rather the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in the media. By following them I get news about films coming out with female characters, what women in film & TV are saying and doing in the media and it was also where I first heard about… 725 more words

Women In The Media

BCM310: Blog post- Women in the media

In week eight we looked at the state of women in the media. The reading and class discussion were both real interesting for me because I feel very strongly about how poorly represented women are in the media. 432 more words


Miss Representation: The United States portrayal of women in media

What did you want to be when you grew up? Police officer? Fire fighter? President? I wanted to be in the military, specifically the air force. 454 more words