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Celebrity Feminism: Shailene Woodley

I, like many other pop culture loving feminists, get all in a tizzy when a celebrity announces they identify as a feminist (apparently in 2015 one must ‘come out’ as supporting gender equality). 1,287 more words

What Message Does Photoshop Send?

It is no secret that we are shown photo shopped photos on the daily, open a magazine, look at a film poster, look at any advertisement ever and you see these non existent women who are blessed without those troublesome things like pours, body fat, or cellulite. 654 more words

Josh Duggar Makes Me Want to Hurl

Josh Duggar Makes Me Want to Hurl

So today Josh issued a carefully-stated and planned apology to whoever is listening to him at this point.   The apology was quickly posted and also edited, conveniently deleting the part where he admitted he was addicted to porn. 917 more words


Dear Kate: Answering Women Before We Knew The Question

Have you heard of Dear Kate yet? It is an underwear line made specifically for ladies! Not only do they offer comfortable and beautiful looking underwear, they have… 506 more words

Tom Ford States He Is An “Equal Opportunity- Objectifer”

When talking to The Guardian Tom Ford says that he is constantly thinking about feminism. “I’ve been criticized for objectifying women. He says. “But I’m an equal opportunity objectifier – I’m just as happy to objectify men. 405 more words

Playing with boys (Part 13)

When I joined the Star’s downtown general assignment pool, all the reporters’ desks had been shoved into rows as they renovated the newsroom.

It reminded me of a Grade 8 class at an all-boys school. 1,752 more words


My Legs Touch... And I'm OK With That

Familiar with the term “thigh gap”? If you’re not, it’s something far too many women are concerned with and striving for- it’s the area of space between your thighs when you stand with your feet and knees touching. 871 more words