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My Legs Touch... And I'm OK With That

Familiar with the term “thigh gap”? If you’re not, it’s something far too many women are concerned with and striving for- it’s the area of space between your thighs when you stand with your feet and knees touching. 871 more words

Thank you Minister Pyne, for putting the representation of woman in the parliament on the national agenda.

Earlier this week, Minister Pyne was interviewed on the 7:30 Report, where he was talking about a book had had written. The discussion was about his choice to go into politics. 1,016 more words


Women Filmmakers

Jill Soloway Says “There Is an All Out-Attack” on Female Filmmakers

 By Ryan Lattanzio | TOH!July 27, 2015 at 1:48PM

The Emmy-nominated ‘Transparent’ creator inaugurated a new project with a rallying cry for women voices in filmmaking. 872 more words

Sandra Bland Was Taking Control

Sandra Bland Was Taking Control

**In this article I intend to show how Sandra took control of her abusive situation with a cop who had over-extended his authority, in an effort to get the situation over with.   707 more words


Shove it in your ear holes.

Have you ever switched on the telly or the radio, only to see a sea of middle-aged white guys? Yeah, I get sick get sick of that too… 832 more words


The Minaj and TSwift Twitter thing, or how to miss the point entirely.

So. As I’m pretty sure everyone has heard by now, Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift had a “feud” over Twitter. This is apparently big news, because when a white woman makes a comment about unrealistic body standards in the music industry all about herself, everyone explodes. 1,026 more words

How my hated butt turned into a hot ass

This weekend, I overheard a group of pre-teen girls while I was showering at the pool. They were tearing themselves apart, from head to toe. They didn’t like their stomaches, hair, skin, one even insulted her own feet. 897 more words

Beauty Standards