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Leading from the front

Kirstie Ennis is setting the example for not only marines, but for the whole world. Read her story featured in ESPN published 30 June 2017. 15 more words

Women In The Military

The majority often misunderstand their biases

Are women treated differently? Do we take things too personally? I would argue yes, we are treated differently and yes, we might benefit from taking things less seriously. 889 more words

Women In The Military

Integration of Women in Combat Roles, US Military: A Step Backward?

Should a woman have just as much of a right, just as much opportunity as man in this 2017 society; for work, for pay, goddamn right. 1,750 more words

The change starts with us

“Someone with authority can demand compliance, but they can’t dictate optimism, trust, conviction, or creativity.” Brian Walker

If we want to affect change we have to start with the people. 76 more words

Women In The Military

The spark....

We sat by her pool, my girlfriend and I, comparing story after story of what we had experienced in our careers as my 4 year old son belly flopped repeatedly from her diving board.   243 more words

Women In The Military

Playwright, Cast and Director Speak Out on “Speaking Out”

This month, American History Theater will partner with The Women’s Museum of California once again to present “Speaking Out: Why I Stand”. 776 more words

Guest Blogger

Heroines in Arms: Women of the American Military

In January 2016, the Department of Defense announced that for the first time in U.S. history, women could fight in combat missions and serve on special operations teams such as the Navy SEALS, Air Force Pararescue, and the Army Rangers. 766 more words

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