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Empyre Discussion Articles

The first article I read from the Empyre site was called, “What do Police Violence and Facebook Live mean for Feminist Data Visualization?” It was a post started by a woman named Katherine who was posing questions about the ethicacy of Facebook Live and other like-applications and viral video media outlets. 464 more words

Father-Daughter Teams

Every White House watcher has noticed by now the close relationship between President Trump and his older daughter, Ivanka. Now that Ivanka Trump has an official position in the administration and an office in the West Wing, she is expected to become even more visible to the public. 475 more words

Abortion through the years

Yesterday I joined a crowd of other people headed to the Berkeley Rep theater to see the play Roe, an account of the forty-year-old Supreme Court case Roe v Wade, which made abortion legal in the United States. 504 more words

Rachel Carson's Tangled Web

In the midst of the deluge of news coming out of the White House this past week, many environmentalists have paid tribute to Rachel Carson, whose 1962 book… 739 more words

Women In The News

Women of the White House

With the presidential inauguration scheduled for Friday of this week, there has been much speculation about what the new first family in the White House will be like. 534 more words

Bloody December to Remember for Jamaican Women: 15 Savaged in Christmas Bloodletting Spree

UPDATE (Correction): I reported in error that 14 women were victims of violence when the actual count was 15. Thirteen (13) women died from these attacks in the month of December.  1,522 more words

Domestic Violence

Look at who is running the country

During the past week, newspapers and other news sources have carried stories about two world leaders who share a characteristic rare among the powerful players on the… 661 more words

Women In The News