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Are You a “Lady Boss” (and what does it mean to be one)?

Everyone knows the rules in the workplace are different for men and for women. I mean, some people deny it, obviously, not everyone agrees, but some people deny the holocaust happened so there you are. 361 more words


This is How You Treat Women Professionally

By Hannah O. Brown

It’s happened to all of us. You are at work, in the grind, trying to get through the day, when a co-worker says or does something that makes you yell, “Hold me back!” to whomever is in close proximity. 953 more words

Boss Ladies

Badass or Bad: Special #BlackGirlMagic Edition

This week, we want to take a deeper look at a real-life BAMF, the way The Good Fight is failing when it comes to representation, and how those two things are connected. 1,266 more words

Why CrackedGlassCeiling.com?

This blog, CrackedGlassCeiling.com, is based on years of observing mid-level female managers depart from the workplace in general and from high-tech sectors in particular; ongoing and ubiquitous pay and promotion level… 258 more words


The reason your boss is more likely to be an incompetent man than a smart woman

The idea that employees are promoted “to the level of their incompetence” has become a truism in management circles. The satirical 1969 treatise on business and life, … 675 more words


#NQ5 Women's Health Matters: The menopause and work

Almost 7 0 % of women  aged  16 to 64-years-old are in paid employment in the UK. Three and a half million of those are between the ages of 50 and 59. 692 more words


International Women's Haiku Festival: Haiku by Louise Hopewell

Photo: Judy Dean/Creative Commons/Flickr

Louise Hopewell writes of rotting lettuce and the glass ceiling in today’s feature of the International Women’s Haiku Festival.

crisp lettuce… 141 more words