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The Glass Ceiling

I was fortunate enough to participate in a corporate debate between men and women on the existence of the glass ceiling in their various industries. The debate occurred on the final day of a leadership course for women in management positions, where women repeatedly recounted their experiences of gender bias and how they perceived it to have limited their professional freedom and career potential. 293 more words

Gender Diversity

You Just Started Working, But Can You Demand A Higher Salary?

There are few greater joys than getting an offer letter for your first “real” job after graduating college or graduate school. You feel a sense of success, as well as relief, that you can start actually paying for groceries with higher nutritional value and making a dent on your student loans. 327 more words

Women In The Workplace

Can Being Too Eager Or Aggressive In Your Career Actually Hurt You In The Long Run ?

Can you be too eager or aggressive in pursuing job opportunities? Yes, I do believe so. But as the old adage goes, closed mouths don’t get fed, so you might as well make your intentions known by any means necessary, right? 695 more words

Women In The Workplace

Don't Let It Rub Off On You: The 5 Types Of Co-workers You Should Avoid

With so much of our lives spent at work, it’s easy to have our colleagues play a major role in our lives. Sometimes, co-workers can easily become our friends. 547 more words


You're Not Imagining Things, Your Boss Actually Does Suck If They Don't Do These 6 Things

We all spend exorbitant amounts of time, energy and effort at our places of employment, so it can sometimes feel as if we are merely working and paying bills, with little to no fanfare from our employers or family. 402 more words


How To Stand Up To Your Boss Without Getting Fired

My mother shared with me one day that she failed to see the writing on the wall that I would ultimately become an entrepreneur. She said she always wondered why I never stayed at one particular job for more than 3-4 years and, more importantly, why did I seem to always fail to hold my tongue when it came to challenging supervisors and bosses, particularly when it came to feelings of being wronged. 621 more words


If we really want more women in the C-suite, some good men will need to be tossed aside

Alexander Hamilton really took one for the team this week. The founding father of the US financial system is being shoved aside to make room for a woman on the $10 bill. 297 more words