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Why Indian Women have Red Dot

A foreigner asked Indian Husband,

“Why Indian Women have Red Dot  on their forehead ?”

Indian replied,

“Because they Record everything..”

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Woman Has The Most Unique Character

Woman has the most unique character like salt

Her presence is never remembered

but Her absence makes all the things tasteless !!

Pass it to all the lovely ladies.


"Jokes On Women Crying": Not Cool!

Can there be a better analogy than the one drawn between women and crying? They go together perfectly, for a woman just can’t stop crying, can she? 1,212 more words


Fun Friday - Bacon Humor!

So my bother-in-law (sister’s husband) recently decided he wanted to try being a comedian…kind of as a side gig.  Turns out he’s pretty good!!!  We went to the Loony Bin in OKC Wednesday night to see him at open mic night, and he was one of the best ones there!   149 more words

A Genie and a women

A Genie appeared before a women and asked for a wish.

Woman : I want my husband to have eyes only for me…
I want to be only one in his life… 46 more words


What happens when you say "I Love you"

There was a group of women at a seminar on how to live in a loving relationship with your husband.  The women were asked, “How many of you love your husbands?”  All the women raised their hands. 154 more words


A girl and HEAVEN

A Girl died & went to heaven..
God was shocked to see her heart still beating and asked!!!!
God: “How come your heart is beating”.. ??? 27 more words