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Planet Earth's Biggest List of Empowered and Inspiring Women : Made In India

This is not just a list, this is a list of amazing, passionate and empowered women. They have guided, mentored and encouraged more women at work.  229 more words

Rambling Recruiter

Women in politics: the long and winding road to equality

On 9 November, the world woke up to learn the name of the next US president – and it wasn’t the name most people had been expecting.  1,149 more words

Government And Politics

I am an Australian - Just like you

As featured in The Country Web 2016 Annual

The true optimist not only expects the best to happen, but goes to work to make the best happen. 1,856 more words

Rural Women

Sunday blues: leave your study in the office

I suffer most weeks from a gently gnawing sense of anxiety that starts usually Sunday morning when I wake up and grows steadily until Monday morning when I finally sit down at my desk again. 425 more words


Women leaders of the world

The world is really becoming warmer and warmer due to the global warming taking place globally.And Yet, when we thought the WEST to be more liberal and more understanding towards gender equality,We the people were stunned and stumped to have dealt with the news of… 459 more words


What You Can Do About the Wage Gap

By Sangita Kasturi:  When internet hackers exposed Sony Pictures’ salary data, Jennifer Lawrence learned she was earning less than her male costars. “Jeremy Renner, Christian Bale, and Bradley Cooper all fought and succeeded in negotiating powerful 598 more words


Unleashing the Economic Power of Women

Just over a year ago, when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced his cabinet and was asked why gender balance was so important to him, he answered with the now-famous words, “Because it’s 2015.” After one day in office, Trudeau managed to catapult Canada from twentieth to third place in the global rankings of gender equality in government, with double the number of women in cabinet compared to the US. 554 more words