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For Women Leaders: Competence + Likability = Success

I recently interviewed Renee Weisman: author, consultant, and former engineer.

Renee Weisman was a distinguished engineer and Director of Engineering at the IBM corporation prior to retiring in 2008. 639 more words

Women Leaders

S/he leads change

For the past few weeks, I have been actively reading articles and updates on LinkedIn (not that I never did earlier, but maybe I wasn’t so observant). 688 more words

Feminists Make History by Naz Smyth

Feminists throughout history have turned the tides of change for the progress of equal rights of women. Historically, women have been tossed by the wayside. The progress that society has been has been attributed to the men, and especially women who have stood out in history to fight for women’s rights. 650 more words


Developing My Voice: Becoming a Woman Leader

The adjective to describe my childhood is “old-fashioned.” This is partly because my parents were in their 30-40’s when they decided to have kids, and they treated us the way kids were treated when they were kids back in the 1950’s. 467 more words


Feeling inauthentic is OK

Authentic adj. genuine, known to be true

From the 1970s onwards as women began entering professional and managerial occupations in increasing numbers they opened up discussions around authenticity at work.

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Women Leaders

Why We Don't Have Sufficient Women Leaders

First, it just wasn’t possible. I mean, accepting women in male-dominated professions. Then it became largely acceptable, albeit unsaid disclaimers. The ‘glass ceiling’ has forever been there and is getting thicker by the day as women face more challenges compared to their male counterparts, in attaining greater heights in their professional fields. 663 more words


Naz Smyth on Hijab: To Ban or Not to Ban

As early as 2010, France has been in litigation over banning face coverings, wrote Naz Smyth. That year, a law passed that face covering headgear such as masks, balaclavas, niqabs, and burkas were banned from the streets of France. 809 more words