Fuck buddies

Imagine: Thailand, a white sand beach, all relaxed, full of travelers in a joyful mood, beautiful place, cheap good beer with high percentage of alcohol (oh, Chang!) and a permanent vacation atmosphere, what can be better than that? 290 more words

Dating Disasters

First time for everything

I am almost 21-years-old and it has come to my mind today that I’ve never actually had “first date”. with both my previous boyfriends I have been out but it has never been that “date-date” thing. 383 more words



My first friend in comedy Anthony DiDomenico sent me this article on Single Girl Problems which I wasn’t aware existed. What problems could a single girl have? 1,480 more words

Elite Daily


Dear all,

Being broke sucks.

Being broke as a uni student with hard-to-kill temptations and compulsive shopping habits suck.

I sure miss those good old days where I had that spark of determination to save all my money just for one itty bitty overpriced item. 915 more words


The Gentle Sex #2

Many of us have girlfriend. Everyday you talk with her. You don’t argue. You always say to her i love you and she says the same to you. 223 more words


Get off the Whine Bro, You're Gonna Get Drunk

I compare myself a lot to how I used to be, and at first I thought it to be dwelling in the past and not committing to change but now, I kind of like comparing myself to now. 484 more words