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Швейцарского телевидения ищет женщин в Одессе/Swiss TV looking for female in Odessa

Я связался Патрисией Банзер Швейцарского национального телевидения, которая ищет молодую женщину в Одессе, чтобы говорить о том, что именно – молодая женщина в Одессе и с которыми они сталкиваются, касающихся прав женщин.


Shrinking demographics - 33-36 million forecast for 2050 in Ukraine

Rather unsurprisingly Ukrainian demographics are forecast to shrink to between 33 – 36 million by 2050 from the current 45/46 million.  Unsurprisingly because European demographics are going to shrink by 2050. 285 more words


Ukraine ranked 64th for gender equality

There has been so much written on gender equality over the years I am not going to attempt to write anything that would be meaningful, thoughtful or new. 114 more words


A rare moment - Convictions for Human Trafficking involving Ukraine

Right – Back on my soap box relating to an cause I passionately believe in.

For once a flicker of light in an otherwise very black hole known as human trafficking. 238 more words


Attempts to legalise prostitution and the effect of human trafficking

Well, this entry is likely to get a lot of reading over the coming months – not because of ruminations it contains, but because it will contain those SEO magnetic key words of Ukraine, women, prostitution, sex, escorts and the like. 819 more words


Вера, Надежда, Любовь

As yesterday was yet another celebration in Ukraine – Old New Year – today there is nothing of note written by me – naturally!

I will draw your attention to an Odessa based NGO that has got my attention though – for the right reasons.   19 more words


6th EU Human Trafficking Conference

Today is something of a rushed post.  Yesterday was my birthday, a day when I spent much time being kissed by many people I would prefer not to be kissed by, and a day when I was not kissed by many people I would happily be kissed by.   99 more words