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The Importance, Power, and Warmth of Femme Spaces in Academia

There is no way to repay women of color for the burdens we’ve carried on behalf of men. Historically, we’ve always been pushed into some kind of mold that caters to men, leaving only the shell of a woman, not driven by her own passions, militancy, or happiness but by marriage, the coddling of grown men, and the further reinforcement and upholding of the nuclear home. 587 more words

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124- I've Decided To Leave Therapy

Where do I begin? I’ve been in therapy since September and it has been an okay experience. I was able to confront a lot of my childhood wounds throughout this process, which was great, but I knew from the beginning that the therapist was not. 347 more words

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"Just a Taste..." - February 17, 2017

Here’s a little taste of my current project.  Since this collection is going to be 12 pieces it is going to take a little longer, so I’ll entertain you with little snippets here and there in the meantime.   46 more words

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Eye of the Beholder (Poem)

Here’s another piece I’ve written. This will be in the Safe Haven later today. I never imagined how hard it would be just to find a decent picture with a group of women, all women of color, with all the races represented in this poem…I still wasn’t really able to achieve that, so please forgive me. 668 more words


Day 122- The Sun Won't Stop Shining, Because We Say It's Too Damn Hot

Remember those days as a kid when you used to try to look up at the sun, but you couldn’t for too long because its powerful rays would hurt your eyes? 172 more words

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Speaking your truth in the age of fake news

Queens, 2017 is proving to be a test to my patience, sanity and very last nerve.

2016 was a rough one, but you read my last post – I’ve been optimistic about this year! 574 more words

Day 118- I'm The Friend That I Don't Want To Lose

Have you ever felt that your life would come to an end if you broke up with your boyfriend or lost a good friend? Yeah, I’ve been there too. 103 more words

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