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Return of the Jedi/Duchess

“Share your story here…” hmm…ok

Duchess has returned to her home planet Tatooine to rescue her friend Han…wait…wrong story.

Right. Well I have been away for a little while and Fluffy Pop Postcards is at least a year old now. 307 more words


An open letter to Marvel about the lack of ladies of color problem

Dear Marvel,

Long time fan here. Honestly, some of my fondest memories were sitting with my dad watching the animated X-Men series on Saturday mornings. I hoped and prayed that I’d develop mutant powers for my sixteenth birthday (I didn’t sadly, so I went to grad school instead). 912 more words

Pursuing the Art of Taste


City: College Park, MD
Occupation: Student & Tutor

Tell us a little about yourself!

I’m Shanaí, a senior Biochemistry student at University of Maryland. Go Terps! 446 more words


what do patchouli oil and weed have in common?


At the 2015 Oscar Awards, Disney star Zendaya sported a new hairstyle: Dreadlocks

I personally thought she looked drop-dead beautiful. She’s a natural beauty and she certainly had one of my favorite looks from the night. 205 more words

Afghan War|NATO and White Feminism Connection

As many of know, its only few weeks as United States and NATO ended thier combat mission in war torn Afghanistan. While most Americans andand westerners  continue to live with certain lies, that they themselves had told about liberating Afghan women through invasion and occupation, its hard for writers like myself to stay silent. 219 more words

Conflicts And Emergencies

Weed, Patchouli, Privilege and Erasure

Racism colors current events. And in the words of civil rights activist Fannie Lou Hamer, we are sick and tired of being sick and tired. Plus, with social media connecting the world at button pushes, faux pas go from obscure to common knowledge. 708 more words


GLAMMONITOR.COM Interview | Colorism In The Makeup & Beauty Industry

Thank you Glammonitor.com for a great article on colorism in the makeup and beauty industry. I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Katie O’Brien from Glammonitor.com on the struggle of dark skin women and the everyday battle we have with makeup options for our skin tone; in respect to foundation. 63 more words

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