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Dr Carolyn Ee

Dr Carolyn Ee is one of my favourite bloggers. She is a pure example of an inspired and dedicated mum who not only does not see any contradictions between her motherhood role and her professional role but also she is brave enough to get online and promote her perspective of balancing family and work. 75 more words

Women Of Inspiration

Women of inspiration: Maria Forsyth

Maria Forsyth is a professor of electrochemistry from my home institute (Institute for Frontier Materials, Deakin University). She has been hugely successful in her career, making women really proud. 54 more words

Women Of Inspiration

Women of inspiration: PiMothers

PiMothers is a platform for mothers in Tech Where they are encouraged to raise their concerns, share their experiences and provide advice for professional mothers/ mothers-to-be who don’t want to pause their career and are fighting similar battle. 48 more words

Women Of Inspiration

Women of Inspiration: Margaret Burgraff

The importance of having great role models and mentors is well addressed. Career-wise, having a large network of mentors from different industries with different levels of experience is critical, however for us as women, having female role models is far more critical in providing insights and vision in fighting against barriers going up the ladder. 177 more words

Women Of Inspiration

Social media presence of women in STEM

Last year this time, I would never imagine myself having my own blog or being highly active on Twitter. I used to believe that as a full time working mother with research and family commitments I don’t have time to waste on social media. 434 more words

Women Of Inspiration

Women of Inspiration: Paola Elefante

As a high school girl I was very good with math – equally well as other boys around me, if not better. I used to hate gender stereotyping whenever in came to math and I was so glad and proud that I was proving the opposite. 81 more words

Women Of Inspiration

You Make The Words Cum (Poetic Passion Dedicated to Lisa)

You know you make the words cum……

I look in your eyes and I want some.

The perfect curves of your lips.

The way that your bra strap sits. 231 more words