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My Travel Diary 

I’ve always dreamed of roaming the world. I don’t care for a big house or a fancy car. I love fashion but I would set that aside too. 129 more words


An invaluable lesson

When Jennifer told me she would be in Paris and would love to meet, the first thought that crossed my mind is « I can’t do this ». 380 more words



The idea for this website/blog is for us to have a place to contribute and work togeather on a project, a blog, with a focus on something we all have in common: How it is moving and setting in a new country as a foreign woman. 63 more words

Books, friends, fundraising and creation

In September last year I shared with you inspiring projects by fabulous ladies! Don’t get me wrong, some men are doing great things too. But I like to honor the ladies here – no offense! 192 more words


Women of the World

On Friday 10th March 2017, I attended the Women of the World event in London. It was an amazing day and I left feeling very inspired by all the women that were there. 1,405 more words


Women of the World Festival 2017

Watching the sunset on the evening of the 13th March, I couldn’t help but reflect on the week just gone. Overall, it was a pretty amazing week. 1,403 more words

Willies, WOW and a work free week day

Women chats with Holly over breakfast. Well, willy chats.

A day at WOW. As inspiring and eye opening as ever. I just love being there. 21 more words