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Want to live in a former home of Katharine Hepburn? Well here's your chance!

Over the weekend I was told the fantastic news that the house that Hepburn lived in when she first moved to Hollywood in 1932 is up for sale. 153 more words


Lovely you - a love letter to The Girl, Lena Dunham

A few years ago, it hit me that I was in a situation I needed to get out of. I was new(ish) to London, felt like I hadn’t made that many friends (it turned out I was wrong about that), didn’t like my job, was constantly skint (I worked 12hours a week on minimum wage, sometimes starting at 6.30am, or finishing at 11pm) and shared a room with a boy I was in love with but very deeply unhappy being with with. 1,275 more words


Face to Face

End of the day. They are stopping there every night for a milkshake after work, a good way to unwind and talk a bit. They don’t have much time during the day. 1,050 more words


World Mums Blog - Interview!

The first time I heard from Jennifer Burden, it was on my friend Salma’s blog. So you know, Jennifer Burden is the Founder & CEO of World Mums Blog. 185 more words

Women Of The World

Good isms

Having run out of steam somewhat with last year’s monthly challenges, I spent the first few months of 2015 blog-free. Don’t think that means I haven’t been thinking about it. 601 more words


You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated.  In fact, it may be necessary to encounter the defeats, so you can know who you are, what you can rise from, how you can still come out of it.

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Women of the World: the new feminism is pro-life, pro-marriage, and pro-maternity

It is one of the tragic successes of so-called Feminism that it has made impossible any serious debate between men and women about the differences between, and the complementarity of, the sexes. 358 more words