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The Magicians on TV...and Julia

The Magicians by Lev Grossman is a very cerebral fantasy book. It stands out from others of its genre for its self reflexivity, its almost painful self awareness. 1,174 more words


Women Who Hunt: Television’s Top Female Detectives

My obsession with TV mysteries started at the tender age of twelve, when late-night PBS watching led to my first episode of Poirot on Masterpiece Mystery! 2,896 more words


vanessa on daredevil

Vanessa on Daredevil went on a date with the devil himself. When Wilson Fisk, the evil mastermind rebuilding Hell’s Kitchen in his vision, takes her to a dinner that gets interrupted by a haggard-looking criminal yelling at Fisk, Vanessa realizes this might not be your average businessman. 675 more words


Why Mindy Kaling doesn't have to be my pioneer

Written in response to the piece ‘Mindy Kaling is not your pioneer’ by Alex E. Jung in Al Jazeera America. Original article here: http://america.aljazeera.com/opinions/2015/1/mindy-project-racetv.html

‘To be born a woman is to know/That you must labour to be beautiful’ 1,103 more words


Women of the Walking Dead

(Guest contribution by Maye from Woman Writes)

Warning: minor spoilers from last nights episode ahead!

From the beginning of “The Walking Dead” there has been observations and complaints about the show containing an outrageous amount of sexism. 496 more words


Women on TV

I was talking with some friends about tv shows that we liked, and I said that watching Parks and Rec had ruined watching other shows for me because it had such great female representation and that is hard to find in prime time television shows. 857 more words


The TV news “arms race”

Cleavage, bare arms and short skirts: Kiran Chetry and Judy Woodruff on how and why female news anchors’ outfits have changed over the years.

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Reliable Sources

Vern reblogged this on Vern's Views and commented:

I've noticed this over the past years. Kiran Chetry probably has more stories about working at Fox News than she was willing to share. I'm not going to deny that I do "check out" female anchors. I don't give the words the say any more or less weight. I've had a crush on Ashley Banfield that awkwardly began when I watched her coverage during the 9/11 attacks.