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The Specific Reasons Fundies Hate Hillary Clinton So Much

The Washington Post has a new article that delves deeply into the reasons Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals hate Hillary Clinton so much. Here is a money quote from the article: 289 more words

Women in Ministry: What Would People Think?

By Nabil Safi

“What would people think?” is a common response I often got in the past, and still get today, when I have conversations about senior leadership with women from the Middle East. 573 more words

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10 Tips for Women Church Planters

It was six years ago, this month, that I resigned my position as Pastor of Outreach to plant a church. God had been knocking on my heart for a while and I finally surrendered to the call. 925 more words

Church Growing Pains: The Silenced Pain of Inequity

By Young Lee Hertig

In last week’s blog, Angela Ryo addressed a poignant point that often falls on deaf ears:

We all want change and growth in our churches, but I wonder if we are willing to  take on the pain that comes with such growth.

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Are You a Martha or a Mary? July 17, 2016

Ninth Sunday after Pentecost – July 17th 2016

Lectionary 16 / Proper 11, Year C

Genesis 18:1-10a psalm 15 Colossians 1:15-28 Luke 10:38-42

Avoiding all the bad news in the world today, I’ll concentrate on the good news and preach the Scriptures. 1,789 more words

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Women in Ministry: The Heart of the Matter

By Ann Smith

One of the prayers I frequently pray is, “God, make me a contagious follower of you. Remind me that my task is not to defend you, but to reflect you.” In the early days of my faith journey, I felt the main task of a Christian was to defend God and, as a result, I became an abrasive Christian. 679 more words

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Church Growing Pains: Are We Growing or Are We Just in Pain?

By Eun Joo Angela Ryo

Some years ago, I had attended a conference geared toward Asian American church leaders who were either involved in a second-generation ministry (i.e. 670 more words