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Some Things Take Time...

“Some things take time…”

That’s what came to mind as I walked down this lovely sidewalk, shaded by wisteria vines. I knew how many years it would have taken to get these lovely, mature plants to grow over this arbor. 304 more words


Naked Preaching...

Okay, you pastor types, I know you know the dream. The one where you show up at church missing one or more pieces of clothing. 588 more words


Lazy Sunday Mornings

For 15 years, I have worked 48 Sunday mornings each year. That is 720 Sundays out of 780. The vast majority of these 720 Sundays working have been spent leading worship (other Sundays were spent on mission trips, continuing education, retreats, etc). 436 more words


We didn't find anything to show here.

When I opened my email account this morning, this is what I saw. I waited a few minutes and checked again and guess what? Same thing. 549 more words


Mommy, are your boobies broken?

I ordered this book, not so much for its wisdom (though there is plenty of wisdom in it), but for its title. I laughed out loud when I saw it, and I knew that I needed to get it for my little guy. 581 more words


I have cancer. Yes, I have breast cancer.

It has been less than three weeks since I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and every once in a while I have to say those words out loud: “I have cancer. 700 more words

Breast Cancer