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Run, Mary! lift thy heavenly voice;
Cry, cry, and heed not how;
Make all the new-risen world rejoice-
Its first apostle thou!  ~George McDonald

When I was in the sixth grade, I received the sacrament of Confirmation.   703 more words

With thanks for our Presiding Bishop

+Michael Curry got it right in his sermon this morning. He thanked Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts-Schori for her leadership and ministry over the last nine years. 331 more words

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She has been a mentor --- I am grateful for her wisdom and strength . Proud of my church then and today. All are welcome!!

Pureland Priestess

Kansai Scene presents an interview Ariya Sasaki, a young priestess of the Pureland sect of Buddhism. While female priestess were almost unheard of a generation ago, Ariya is determined to follow this path, and build a space for the community within her temple.


Should woman be Priests? A conversation with God.

When I was younger, I was one of those people who thought women should definitely be Ordained Priests.  I thought it was so unfair, that women are equal to men, and should be allowed to do anything a man can do.  411 more words

Bishop Markus Büchel

Pope Emeritus Benedict affirmed that Pope John Paul II’s teaching against women priests was both authoritative and infallible. But Bishop Markus Büchel is calling for profound reforms in the Catholic Church. 80 more words


29th May 1982. Moves towards Ecumenism.

Today in 1982 Archbishop Runcie, and Pope John-Paul II, on a pastoral visit, prayed together at the tomb of St Thomas a Beckett in Canterbury Cathedral. 374 more words


all things to all – women priests and closeted clergy

Watching a certain very reverend Episcopal priest focus and transfer attention adroitly from parishioner to parishioner at the cathedral door, I recalled the corporate American studies on time: while people in top manager mode spend on average less than 9 minutes on each task, those in front line mode spend less than 2. 779 more words