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Where are you heading my dears?

What’s Wrong with This Picture?

I painted this picture as a challenge parable for the women who were gathering in Philadelphia for the 2015 Women’s Ordination Conference.   256 more words

Consilia Karli

Orthodoxy and Gender Issues in the Church

ORTHODOX CHURCH:  In this video Orthodox Bishop Kallistos Ware of Oxford, UK, reasons around women priests, same sex marriages and other gender issues that present generations of Christians in the West meet. 13 more words

Sorting the monkeys at your circus, all for a Werther's Original.

You know what it’s like, I’d just go for a walk, nothing special, just round and about. But it meant that I somehow misplaced so much time chatting to people that I had to change my route which in turn led me into chatting to another couple of people. 695 more words

One sex, two sexes, and Christians

The wonderful Twitter just drew my attention to this article I’d missed on the OUP blog when it was published in July: ‘The influence of premodern theories about sex and gender’ by Adrian Thatcher. 1,095 more words


Guyana Anglicans Allow Women to Be Ordained as Priests

An Anglican diocese that represents three small South American countries has broken with local tradition and is allowing women to be trained and ordained as priests. 100 more words

Modern Church

Women elders?

Catching up on the posts here, I noticed that Jessica recently referred to ‘churchianity’. It’s an interesting concept – and a useful one. One difficulty faced by anyone who values tradition is the question of how old that tradition is? 574 more words