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Sexist on the beach presents: Deep Sexist Shit

Every Summer Behind The Green Door; a prominent group of events organizers in Beirut, organizes a set of parties under the name of Decks on The Beach… 733 more words

They Didn't Sign Up For This

When tradition gets mixed with human rights, do we get to have a say in it?

I just read an article that portrayed faces of women who have been brutally abused just because they said ‘no’ to men whether in hand of marriage or to let them wait. 378 more words

Random Roll

Death penalty to a men who raped his daughter for 11 years

A Father who has nine children raped his own daughter for 11 years. Last year this father was arrested in urban area around Kabul city and his rape story was amplified in social media. 222 more words

Women Rights

1of 4 Women In Nigeria Suffers Domestic Violence In Lifetime

“Women with fewer resources or greater perceived vulnerability, girls and those experiencing physical or psychiatric disabilities or living below the poverty line are at greater risk of domestic violence and lifetime abuse. 11 more words

Women Rights

On being neutral

Being neutral isn’t always necessarily the politically best answer, and sometimes it’s the most disgusting stand one could have. I never believed in having a “neutral” VIEW towards something. 320 more words


The fetchers of honor

Searching a house which matches your comforts and give you the feeling of real home is really difficult these days. Hectic schedules and burden of my activities compelled me to shift the house. 1,288 more words

Bad news again

We hear bad news in Russia almost every day, but this one is really bad. Disgusting and outrageous. Everyone followed this story hoping for good ending but… no. 32 more words