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It's her God too

Dawn: When my mother first announced that we would be going to the mosque for taraweeh, I was scandalised, to say the least. I must have been around 12 or 13 years old. 257 more words


Mexican Matriarchy and Gender Equality

The following is a social stance regarding gender inequality. 

I was born in a matriarchy, meaning that for the rest of my life women in my family will govern or influence my path. 478 more words


Women's Equality (So hard to do.)

Janis Ian, Between the Lines, at 17…

She cries the truth in word’s so bitter sweet.

We suffer the truth of these words.

We live the life of impressions. 49 more words

Success, Your Call

Success!  Is it planned, tracked and achieved? Or is it luck?  According to Success for Teens, a free publication from Success Magazine, only you can define what success means, no one can do it for you.  258 more words

It's About Time: UN Committee Says Abortion is a Human Right

Pro-choice supporters, feminists and generally good people everywhere are rejoicing a little extra today. Why? Because a UN committee declared abortion a human right. 

Abortion Declared a Human Right by United Nations Committee… 536 more words

Reproductive Rights

Men can visit graveyards, why not us? ask Muslim women

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New Delhi: Even as the debate over access to women in the inner sanctum of Haji Ali Dargah rages, several members of the Muslim community have started questioning the practice of disallowing women in graves and graveyards. 533 more words