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Looking for 'tehzeeb' during a bar fight in Delhi.

Suddenly, one day tehzeeb went missing; from the public discourses, it had gone missing from the streets the day rap music and internet had arrived, of course. 849 more words


As War Rages on in Afghanistan, Women look to the Future

As the Taliban slowly fades away, women in Afghanistan are rebuilding their war-torn country in the realms of economics, education and politics, said Lady Jamileh Kharrazi. 677 more words

Jamileh Kharrazi

Until we treat rapists as ordinary criminals we won’t stop them 

There is a simple and surprisingly durable myth about what causes men to rape women. It goes like this: if a man is too horny, from sexual deprivation or from being constitutionally oversexed, he will lose control in the presence of an unguarded woman. 75 more words


Masculinity vs equality

Source: Dawn

MOST men in the Middle East do not believe in women’s equality. This was what can be concluded from a recent survey conducted by UN Women. 959 more words

The Muslim Times

How Can Women Lead Better?

As a women’s rights activist, my heart warms up when I meet, read and hear about women leaders that are transforming people’s lives and society. I get delighted to learn more about their leadership journey, triumphant stories and struggles. 421 more words


How mothers can raise feminist sons

Many of us must have watched this commercial that seeks to promote a new women’ television station and are wondering how come the regulator has not recalled it nor has there been massive public outcry.  521 more words



सरेआम मासूम जान इक जब हो रही थी जलील,

चीख चीखकर बेबसी जब सुना रही थी दलील

दिल्ली बता उसवक्त कहा सोया था तेरा दिल?

हवस के मीनाबज़ारमें जब लीलाम हो रहे थे जमीर,

रामलीला की भूमीमें जब सीतामाँ पे चले तीर

दिल्ली बता उसवक्त कहा सोया था तेरा दिल?

तहजीब जब हैवानीयत में हो रही थे तब्दील,

खामोश रात के सीने में जब धस रही थी कील

दिल्ली बता उसवक्त कहा सोया था तेरा दिल?

रवायतों के गुलामों ने कुछ न कहा, सियासत के इमामों ने कुछ नहीं कहा

क्या तू भी गर्दन झुकाए हो गयी है उनकी साजिशोंमे शामिल

सच बता दिल्ली क्या कुछ नहीं कहता तेरा दिल?