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My First Two Volcano Hikes: Pacaya and Acatenango

During my first two weekends in Guatemala, I hiked two volcanoes. The first one, Volcán de Pacaya, last erupted in 2014, which meant that unfortunately we could not hike to the peak because the top is still too hot for human activity. 641 more words


Who Should Never Travel with a Group?

We usually write about group travel since that is what The Women’s Travel Group offers so successfully. So who should NOT join a group?

Chronically unpunctual people. 224 more words

The scariest moment of a group tour

There is a rhythm to group tours.  Excited leaving home. Jumpy at the airport. Collapsed in the airline seat. Anxious departing the plane. Confused entering the airport. 302 more words

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Single or Share? Don't for Each Choice

Here we are in India. Join us December 2016 for another amazing trip.

Some women prefer a single on Women’s Travel Group trips. Others want a share. 414 more words

On Leaving

April 30, 2016

Yesterday, after packing up all my things and moving them out of my spacious upstairs bedroom at the residence of 46 McClellan Street, I paused at the door and looked back at my now empty room. 1,621 more words


Delta Airlines Drop Fee's

Delta Air Lines will no longer charge a fee for customers who purchase their tickets over the phone through Reservation Sales or in person at airports and other ticket office locations*. 206 more words

Middle Seat War

Airlines are already charging for preferred seats. Some only give good seats to those with status.  When you initially look at a flight’s seating chart,  you cannot tell which seats are actually available until you log in or book. 186 more words

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