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10 Things a Bookish, Modern Woman Should Never Travel Without

I’ve been in South America for well over a year now and I continue to be amazed by the sheer variety of life and the experiences that come with it. 1,809 more words

First Solo Travel

At twenty, I traveled abroad alone.

I had two weeks in Britain by myself before going to Paris for a semester of study. It was my junior year at university. 1,185 more words


Two angels fallen off the sky in Peru

“It’s cold,” said Sarah.

“Yeah, that’s how it is in the desert,” said Claire.

They were at a crossroad, in Peru, in the middle of the Altiplano desert, in the middle of the night. 2,528 more words


Colorado's Rocky Mountain High- Hiking the Rockies

To paraphrase John Denver, Come home to a place you’ve never been. That’s exactly what taking that first step on the trail into the Rocky Mountains feels like. 763 more words

Travel Stories

The Fedora Rides Shotgun

“Mom, you’re so weird.”

I just returned from camping by myself in Big Bend National Park.

I had not been camping since 2009, and as I looked at what to do with a few days off in September, all I could think of was what it sounds like to wake up in a tent. 528 more words

Ann Fisher

"Is it safe for me to travel by myself when I have to?"

A question we heard the most. If we traveled back in time when there were no internet and gadgets, how do you think these people did it? 755 more words


Hill hiking on a budget.

I took a very short trip out of town to try out my new camera. In the middle of the journey I kept asking myself what the hell I’m I doing,why I’m I alone, what if I get stolen, what if I lose my camera and phone, where am I going?! 69 more words

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