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Interior Mansion

“This doesn’t look like the picture on the website,” I said to myself when I pulled into the hostel, my heart sinking.  The nondescript, white frame house needed paint and renovation.  649 more words

Four years after that first trip to Sedona, I found myself buried under the stuff of my life: overscheduled, overworked, overvolunteered.  I was about to turn fifty and my husband asked if I’d like a birthday party.

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Ghost Ranch

In the great wide open places, I can see the forever.

The sky enfolds you, and then you are inside it. Whatever small place you came from is no more because you are part of that sky and the big beyond, and the rest isn’t important. 2,850 more words


Road Trip to New Mexico

One of my best friends is living in Santa Fe, New Mexico, for several months to complete a project — and I thought, what a perfect excuse for a road trip! 1,626 more words


Traveling alone to an unknown city where you know no one can seem frightening and overwhelming. Many people travel alone on a daily basis ending up in a place surrounded by coworkers, or loved ones they know, but what about those who travel alone to a place where they know absolutely no one? 1,401 more words


Where in the World is Waldo Safe?

Every day when I wake up, the paper and tv tell me to hide in the deepest closet. There I might be safe, if I don’t eat sugar, fat, processed foods, or salt. 256 more words

Solo Travel

And Now There Are Six of Me, plus My First Virtual Reality Experience - Innsbruck Day 2

While Swarovski’s Crystal Worlds starts out pretty tame . . .

and I found the huge “crystal” room entertaining – although a world with six of me is a scary thought  . 1,084 more words

Women Traveling Alone