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"Is it safe for me to travel by myself when I have to?"

A question we heard the most. If we traveled back in time when there were no internet and gadgets, how do you think these people did it? 755 more words


Hill hiking on a budget.

I took a very short trip out of town to try out my new camera. In the middle of the journey I kept asking myself what the hell I’m I doing,why I’m I alone, what if I get stolen, what if I lose my camera and phone, where am I going?! 69 more words

Up And About My Days

Solo Travel: To Go or Not To Go?

On my solo sojourns, Instagram has become my new companion; it is where I share the smaller, deeper joys of travel. I’ll be running a themed series every month, to inspire wanderlust and share practical travel tips. 1,237 more words


21 Months on, My Nomadic Life Feels Normal.

I’m penning this post on a train journey through the Italian countryside, distracted by mountain-fringed lakes, dreamy villages and vineyards dotting the horizon. This is the first time in my nomadic life that I’ve hopped continents – from Germany to… 671 more words

Travel Inspiration

On Women Traveling Alone, or why every other article about this topic is TERRIBLE.

I’ve touched on this subject before, but I feel compelled to write about it again, because it drives me INSANE the way “women” travelers (always “women” travelers, never just travelers) are discussed in the American media, even by reputable sources that I like. 557 more words


Two angels fallen off the sky in Peru

“It’s cold,” said Sarah.

“Yeah, that’s how it is in the desert,” said Claire.

They were at a crossroad, in Peru, in the middle of the Altiplano desert, in the middle of the night. 2,521 more words


Girls, Travel Alone.

Dear Girls of the Universe, I will give you a piece of advice I bet very few people in the world will, especially your fathers. 665 more words