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Sonya Hartnett, Golden boys (Review)

Although Sonya Hartnett has written a large number of books, for children, young adults and adults, I’ve never read her, which is something I’ve been wanting to rectify. 1,269 more words

Australian Literature

Eye to Eye

I began to wear eyeglasses when I was in the second grade. My right eye has always been a lot worse than my left. Not only does it have severe astigmatism, it also has amblyopia (lazy eye). 837 more words

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The Tucson Connection

My romance with Tucson seems predestined.  This long relationship began in my childhood with Dad’s assignment to Davis Monthan AFB.

Fifty years later, I moved back to Tucson to accept a position as Director of Education at the… 234 more words


Cover Reveal: The Well Below the Valley!

Those of you who follow the Caitlin Ross Adventures have been waiting a long time for the seventh book in the series, and I have news at last! 709 more words



So sedate is Elena Ferrante’s pacing that, when something truly horrible happens, on p. 83 of My Brilliant Friend, it is like (to borrow an over-used term) a punch in the gut. 155 more words


On Betty Friedan's The Feminine Mystique

“Betty Friedan, the godmother of the postwar US women’s movement, was an accidental feminist. “Until I started writing [The Feminine Mystique]” she confessed in 1973, “I wasn’t even conscious of the woman problem.” Friedan had begun her research into “the problem that has no name” – a catchy homage to “the love that dare not speak its name” of Oscar Wilde’s fin-de-siècle disgrace – as part of her work for a questionnaire of her former college classmates on their 15th reunion in 1957, thinking that she would “disprove the current notion that education had fitted us ill for our role as women”.”

More at The Guardian.

20th Century

May's Meeting Report

Fun was had by all

Our fearless leader was away so Patrise led the meeting. We had 17 attendees.Quite a few members wrote for last month’s prompts and we enjoyed those. 191 more words