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I have a book trailer! (how I made my book trailer)

First, I tried to get someone else to make my book trailer.

When that didn’t work, I got other people to HELP me make my book trailer. 421 more words


'Alias Grace' by Margaret Atwood

Murderess, murderess, he whispers to himself. It has an allure, a scent almost. Hothouse gardenias. Lurid, but also furtive. He imagines himself breathing it as he draws Grace towards him, pressing his mouth against her. 

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Book Reviews

The Pleasures of Sourness

Does our taste for asim come from our sour green landscape? From the proliferation of sour-towards-sweet tastes in our fruits and vegetables? Certainly we Filipinos have a tongue, a taste, a temper for sour notes, which is one of our chief flavor principles.

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Getting On

Last watched 2015


I tried to write a summary about this show, but it is too much like Arrested Development in that the plot doesn’t really go anywhere so it’s hard to explain without giving a detailed blow-by-blow. 220 more words

Singing the ancients

Liang Xiaoyu (late 16th century), “Preface to Transcribed Poems on Historical Subjects, Ancient and Modern

Histories are what I love to read the most, and I think that, for gathering the myriad phenomena in your breast and playing with all time in the palm of your hand, there’s nothing better than this book. 221 more words