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'House of Cards' Backlash Against the Queen

Warning: this post contains spoilers for “House of Cards” and “Breaking Bad.”

It’s tough being the wife of an anti-hero these days. Actually, it’s probably always tough being the wife of an anti-hero, given that anti-heroes aren’t, by definition, nice guys. 569 more words



To me, feminism is like cheap sushi. It seems like a reeaaally good idea, but as I start eating it, whether its the gurgling in my stomach or the obvious imitation crab, I can’t help but feel a little sad, disappointed, sick, and confused. 718 more words


Words Crush Wednesday #WCW - Bette Davis

This month is National Women’s History Month so for the month of March the #WCW will be from the wise women of our past. This week’s quote is from the wonderful actress Ms. 78 more words


So Long, Sweet Briar.

My heart is breaking. I can’t imagine how I would feel, as a 20-or-so year old, finding out that my college, my home, my world, is closing. 554 more words

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Young Women Using New Speech Inflection -- It's Called 'Vocal Fry'

You’ve almost certainly heard the “vocal fry” inflection in conversation. You might even use it yourself. But you probably aren’t familiar with the term, nor that it has become a cultural phenomenon. 605 more words