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The Door

“You should slowly start thinking of marriage,” my mother says.

I blankly gaze at my mother. Marriage had seemed something so far away until she mentioned it. 767 more words

Escaping to Another World.

by Jovana Rikalo
For me photography is another world, something different, a place where you can go daily and dream as much as you want. You don’t have boundaries there, everything is up to you and your imagination. 120 more words

My Latest on She Knows

Okay, I know you have heard whispers that I write articles on things other than schizophrenia, and it is true. In fact, I am doing it more and more (although my new column on Drunken Boat will have to do with mental illness but in a totally exciting and unique way). 24 more words

Mental Health

A List Of Things In Literature, Music, and Art That Are Actually Metaphors For Women — Discover

“Haha what? Noooooo, this song isn’t about you. It’s about a literal venus flytrap plant that eats literal insects. It’s not because you crushed my spirit like an ant beneath your shapely foot.” This guide lists men’s metaphors for women.

17 more words

First Listen Review: Holy Fuck -"Congrats"

The Good: This album is a collection of varied ambient electronic tracks that provide enough  shifting sounds to be entertaining, despite the lack of vocals on much of the songs. 62 more words


Welcome Home!

Another business trip in the books. More people watching, at the airport flying out and flying back, is a never ending source of entertainment. On the flight out the plane was booked to capacity and when I checked in for the flight I made sure I had an aisle seat. 510 more words