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Intimate Partner Violence causing psychological harm to young women.

It started 3 years ago she was a star trying to make it in life, supporting her daughter through school and being herself. She is a star, angel with a good heart very soft spoken and good to be around her. 789 more words

La posta in gioco dei diritti delle donne migranti nell'Unione europea. Schiavitù, prostituzione e traffico di donne. (Ing. & Fr.)

The Challenges of Framing Women Migrants’ Rights in the European Union

In all countries of the European Union domestic work performed by migrant women, often in an irregular legal status, is increasing. 4,035 more words


The women know… of Mortality very well…. and from a very young age… especially the Mortality of Youth….the feminine power that is soooo fleeting… just over in a decade or two at best…she knows… that Nature primes her, into beauty, life, hormonal pleasures only for the period she is needed to bear children….for procreation….and the silly women of this world spend this time…dressing themselves up… fashion and lipstick…cause they know of mortality of youth… it is gone in a flash….Men do not know such things….men are ignorant of their OWN youth…. 25 more words

Straight Talk

In the Air


The grieving wind

And sirens in the air,

An icy 18th of December,

The future forecast

Still nebulous; unclear

As destitution stings

The atmosphere… 47 more words


“Nevertheless, She Persisted”

By now, you’d have to been living under a rock in the United States to not have heard of the February 8th silencing of Senator Elizabeth Warren during the Senate confirmation debates regarding the now Attorney General Jeff Sessions… 355 more words


Useful YouTube videos and Links - Pay Rise Please!

Many of us put off the nerve-racking task of asking our boss for a pay rise because talking about money is not something people, especially women are always comfortable doing. 101 more words