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Party On Ladies...Party On...

Birthdays, holidays, solemn occasions…what do they all have in common? PARTIES.  And what makes for a most excellent party for any lady one the grid? Good clothes I say!   172 more words


Went to a meeting today, found out as I was leaving the name of the group, One gay at a time, which is the best name ever.   176 more words


A Selfie for Sisyphus

A subtle stagger of the feet, an impish twist of the hips, a child-like expression full of directionless wonder, and viola: the perfect selfie. It looked as beautiful and effortless as a magician pulling a virgin white rabbit out of a pitch black hat. 351 more words


Save yourself

Save yourself

That’s right. I said save yourself. You are not a martyr nor should you desire to be one. You are magical but not a magician. 277 more words

~Life, Laughter and Love at Octoberfest~ By Sue

 The rain was coming down in torrents, but we were determined to pray it away.  Today was the day that mama had been looking forward to for weeks.  681 more words

The Intersection of Homosexuality, Race and Politics in Sports

The Past, the Present, and the Future

Muhammad Ali, LeBron James, Colin Kaepernick, Michael Sam.  These four men have made waves in both the media and the sports world. 2,778 more words

Fashions for December 1815.

Get ready for some more fashion history! After reblogging several of Mimi Matthews’s pieces on clothing history of the 19th century, such as gowns of the… 93 more words