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when brainstorming sessions are less about ideas and more about boobs

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do you often wonder why your ideas get rejected or every word you say is being met by a rock; its not being understood or returned? 31 more words


School Again

Well so….
It’s school again. After being gone for a week I am back in that hell hole and it just got worse. Let me just cut to the chase, this week I ended up changing my hairstyle 3 times. 1,175 more words

Dear V ( A letter to my Vagina)

After my last post I remembered that during my psychosexual therapy I wrote a letter to my Vagina. It kind of helped at the time. It’s something any one can do to gain a bit of power back- whatever or whoever they are writing to. 281 more words


How Challenging Is Your Work Out?

Do you remember being spontaneous? Once upon a time, you would act on any adventurous idea that formed in your mind. You were creative and fearless. 806 more words

Mike McFarland

The Atlas of Beauty

What is beauty? Is beauty all around us, or is it simply within the eye of the beholder? To Romanian photographer Mihaela Noroc, beauty means diversity. 155 more words


Halo Perfume Oil for Women

I imagine that when the perfumer determined to refer to this fragrance Halo he was referring to the result of the fragrance as it lingers about the man or woman who wears it.The halo of this fragrance is alluring and appealing and seductive.It generates a persona for the individual who was wearing it that places them in a whole different light.This is absolutely a fragrance to put on when you have intimate intentions for a particular somebody and you want to seize their attention and to hold it.