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I want to break free

Make me a bird, set me free

Carve my wings wider, prepare me for the spree

No storm, no hurricane can stop me

… as I have made up my mind… 47 more words


Day 506 - Listen (Feels Like Sorrow)

Overwhelmed with sadness. Despairing, almost. Life is not always a lovely blog entry concluded with an inspirational message. Sometimes it is like this.

How are you feeling, Laydie? 1,007 more words


It Wasn't My Decision

I was told to wear the hijab when I was 15. I wasn’t willing. I only did it because my sister did and everyone in my family would say things like “You’re the older sister, you should be a rolemodel. 280 more words


20 female friendly porn gifs selected by a Slovakian girl

I was asked what turns me on in porn. I am not a huge fan of porn, I don’t like the business behind it and I don’t like how the actors are treated, plus I prefer to rely on my imagination during solo action, but if I have to name the criteria for good porn: I have to see everything, it needs to be slower than typical mainstream porn and there needs to be passion between the actors. 93 more words


Update: Bastard Out of Carolina

And another update wuth mainly headshots to better identify the actors. I found one more scene of the boys sitting on the porch (pic 4 at 27 minutes) but the boys are very young. 37 more words