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Sister (A Declaration)

“Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman”

In 1969, Tammy Wynette took that declaration to the top of the Country charts. For very different reasons than her lyrics explain, the statement rings true for women in 2018. 575 more words


Working Safely While Pregnant

Working while pregnant can be quite challenging and if not well handled, it can be risky for both mother and the unborn child. Even if your job requires very minimal standing and nothing more strenuous than lifting a phone, there are some safety measure to be put into consideration in order to ensure you working safely while pregnant. 752 more words

Coachella Love

After midnight, I saw you holding a glowstick in the air, waving your hands up high to the music. Enraptured by your glow and that of the stick, I noticed your inviting silhouette dancing away in front of me. 621 more words


This has got to stop

How did I get here? Where you ask?  To a place where I can’t seem to lose the extra weight I’m carrying. I use to be so disciplined with what I put in my body! 197 more words

Mind, Body, Spirit

Episode 018: Studying Scripture with Verse Mapping

Do you ever feel like your time in the Word – or even your faith itself – could use a good kick in the pants? 238 more words


Period Blues: Body Wisdom

The Poll

Set Backs

Mainstream Options

The Fight

SELF-CARE ALL THE WAY (Pass it on!):

  • Chiropractic Therapy from a neuro-focused, non-pain driven practitioner
    Physical Therapy: check with your doctor about simple exercises you can do to help strenthen your uterus and pelvic floor.
  • 309 more words

The Madness

She was something of an enigma. Guarding her privacy as a prison guard overseeing the most ruthless of criminals. There was something of a pride to her privacy. 451 more words