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Art of the body

I went to a really interesting exhibition this week at Adelaide Central School of Art. It featured the work of two women, Deb Prior, whose work I have seen previously (I have one of her pieces actually) and Cheryl Hutchens. 406 more words

Izzy sings Naked as We Came by Iron & Wine

This is the maple tree you see through the window in my new room of my own ….

Perennials in my front garden

Dear friends and readers, 571 more words


The early Virginia Woolf: Mrs Dalloway, To the Lighthouse, & A Room of One's Own

Vanessa Redgrave as Clarissa Dalloway coming down the stairs (opening of film)

Dear friends and readers,

I’ve carried on reading Virginia Woolf, and feel I am moving more deeply into what is valuable in her, and seeing what does not quite come up to high excellence: though all she writes has integrity, she can seem to nod. 2,094 more words

20th Century Culture

Since you went away ....

Clarycat this afternoon — she grieved so when Jim died; she’s transferred her passionate attachment to me

Dear friends,

This day was often one where Jim would make a picnic lunch (complete with champagne) and drive Izzy and I into deepest Virginia to watch show-jumping of horses. 1,214 more words


Nearly a year of reading Virginia Woolf; or The Art of Biography (1)

Virginia Woolf, a photo taken in 1939

“And the phantom was a woman, and when I came to know her better I called … her the Angel in the House … And when I came to write I encountered her with the very first words…And she made as if to guide my pen … I turned upon her and caught her by the throat.

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20th Century Culture

Izzy's "I've been everywhere, Man ... "

She sings and plays the Johnny Cash version of the Star Wars version of I’ve been everywhere, Man.

For lyrics and context see her “Archive of My Own:” 6 more words


Bonding with characters in The Salesman (!), Wordsworth's Prelude, Woolf's Voyage Out -- a Caturday

An shot early in The Salesman before Rana has been attacked

Dear friends and readers,

In my mostly literally solitary widowhood — though I’m online with friends a good deal (letters) and participate in reading groups, Future Learn courses, and these blogs to the point I feel companioned and some of what I do regularly are these joined-in activities (more reading, more writing, occasional f-t-f meetings) — in my mostly solitary state (as like some Defoe character, I say), I’m finding that the love of characters so many readers attest to when they talk of what they read has come upon me more strongly than it used to. 4,789 more words