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Bookstore memories during a period of brutal heat: The Kind Words & a dusty poem

Firebird at Wolf Trap


Mirable dictu is luckier than I, for she has photos of a thriving large bookstore in her area which has been going for decades, and has included as a customer Barack Obama. 2,215 more words


Singing the Beatles: Norwegian Wood

Tina Blau (1845-1916, Austrian landscape painter), A canal by the North Sea

Another of Izzy’s songs:

I fancy this is one of the Beatles’ less familiar songs so begin with the lyrics: 149 more words

Sunday Poetry

Untitled (Elsie and Hannah) by Sarah Rowland Hill

Untitled (Elsie and Hannah) by Sarah Rowland Hill. A collaboration with dance artist Hannah Buckley.

In response to: Accumulation by Trisha Brown

Visual Art

Constance Fenimore Woolson: hours of good reading ... a 19th century woman of letters

Dear friends and readers,

A major 19th century woman novelist, travel writer, Woolson depicts the south after the civil war, writes visionary landscape of the great lakes (ice and snow), realistic novels, with (in effect) feminist stance, very enjoyable travel writing. 3,278 more words

20th Century Culture

Stories of Hope from Women's Studies

I was asked to do an inspirational┬átalk as part of a student leadership event at Sacramento City College. Below is the transcript and images from my talk… 1,534 more words

Feminist Teaching

The rich experiences in Elizabeth Gaskell's North and South

Margaret (Daniela Denby- Ashby) first making friends with Nicholas (Brendan Coyle) and Bessy Higgins (Anna Maxwell Martin) (Sandy Welch’s 2004 North and South, Part 2) 3,128 more words

Political Novels/films

Trashing Samuel Richardson: or, indifference to rape

Clarissa (Saskia Wickham) struggles to free herself of the women who are imprisoning her, with Lovelace (Sean Bean) the POV (a scene in in Clarissa… 1,984 more words

Political Novels/films