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Power of Women

Women are considered as eyes of this nation, similar to how eyes helps us to see this beautiful world around us, women helps us to bring new life to this world. 591 more words

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Weekly Witterings 2015 #7

1. Today is Thinking Day when Guides all around the world think about each other and how we are linked by one organisation. We also think about those early Guides who wanted something like the boys had in Scouting, fun, adventure and friendship which are still key to Guiding today. 54 more words

Weekly Witterings


Hi readers

March has been a great month don’t you think? I definitely find joy and peace in seeing the 3rd Month of the year as way to get rid of the old and welcome the new, a bit of spring cleaning. 162 more words


Women's Day!! What is it??

‘Ahh!! What time is it now?’, sighed Rubeka, looking at the flickering sunlight which is playing hide and seek through the small hole in their roof shed. 599 more words


Cleaning Out the Basement: Women's Day Encyclopedia of Cookery

It’s easy to dismiss this 23-volume series, first published in 1966, as an example of white sauce and Jell-o mold cookery. You know, it’s Women’s Day–on the rack at the supermarket check-out or online, a self-loathing combination of relationship advice and diet suggestions, behind a cover picture of a calorie-loaded cake. 467 more words


5 Fun and Unique Signs of Spring in Moldova

Here it is, almost the end of March and signs of spring have been noticeable for a few weeks now. I had great intentions on sharing this information at the beginning of the month, but time has gotten the best of me lately. 665 more words


Clear The Clutter

It’s officially springtime! Which for many of us means the dreaded task of spring cleaning but look at it as a fresh start, a clean slate and a chance to clear the clutter and the stress. 204 more words

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