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living in the land of the ridiculous

Have you ever had your brains sucked out by the banality of parenting and moms groups on Facebook? Oh you should.  You definitely should.

There is crowd-sourcing and gems like: 749 more words

Women who love too much

Let me start by introducing myself, I am a recovering bitter single woman. I am recovering from the state of bitterness I was in( I see your reaction, you think I am one of those but I beg you not to be so quick to judge). 723 more words

Expressions Of A Feminity

Standing before the mirror for hours,
She tries to impress herself, her heart –
A smile glows at compliment,
And occasionally a tear shall depart! 96 more words

My Corner

International Women's Day

On 7th March the world will celebrate International Women’s Day, at least in some countries that is. Even though this is the year 2012 and we are already in the 21st Century, many women are still living under social conditions that were still relevant to the B.C era and when Neanderthals ruled. 610 more words

Q & A with Romance Author Marie Force - Advice for Aspiring Romance Novelists

I’ve been meaning to re-blog this since it came out a week ago and finally, it’s here! Marie Force is a contemporary romance author of 50 books, including erotic romance. 437 more words



Rudyard Kipling has very succinctly preached how a boy can become a true man. It’s one of my favorite poems – helped me through many tough times. 434 more words

Women's Day

older brides who do younger bride

I am an older bride.  I was a slow starter to this and the first time…well he was all wrong and some higher power did a lift out, leaving me open to the universe for the life I always wanted.   474 more words