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Shopping for Women's Clothing Online

The internet has completely changed the retail industry. Gone are the days when you have to go to the mall or a major department store if you want to shop for the latest trends in designer fashion. 468 more words

Women's Fashion

Buying Women's Clothing Online

Probably the most worrisome thing about buying women’s clothing online is getting the sizing correct. And, the truth is that this is a legitimate concern for the majority of women. 471 more words

Women's Fashion

Fashion Online: Shopping For Clothes Online

Over the past few years consumers have moved in droves from shops, malls, and High Streets to the Internet. Everything from designer fashion to electronics, books, telescopes, antiques and all natural beef can be purchased online. 573 more words

Women's Fashion

Buy Womens Designer Fashion Online

More and more women are turning to the internet to buy their designer fashion items. Increasing numbers of us choose to buy womens designer fashion online. 466 more words

Women's Fashion

Women's Fashion: Get colourful and creative

Color coordinating your wardrobe can be daunting for some people however it doesn’t have to be. Learning what colors go together is rather easy and can be fun. 553 more words

Women's Fashion

'Standard' Sizing? Pfft.

Written by¬†Elana Pa’apa’a.

The fashion industry is renowned for the unrealistic expectations it seemingly puts on the women of our society. The reason I say ‘seemingly’ is that there is always two sides to the story. 1,115 more words