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Sabine Bernbeck

Title: Medical Doctor

Company: Beach Family Doctors

Location: Huntington Beach, Calif.

Celebrating her 20th year as MD at Beach Family Doctors, Dr. 189 more words

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Must-See Travel Destinations in Asia

In 2014, Stefano Curti founded Nuelle, a company that drives breakthrough innovation in women’s health and wellness. He previously served the Johnson & Johnson corporation as global president of skincare. 153 more words

Stefano Curti

Journey vs Destination

Have you ever worked really hard for something? Pushed yourself so hard to achieve a goal that you didn’t think you’d make it, only to get there and feel nothing?  347 more words

Sound Therapy Supporting Women’s Wellness Challenges

Women often do not take time to take care of themselves! We tend to take care of others first — children, spouses, parents, relatives. While this trend will probably always continue, the numbers of women taking time to find and use alternative approaches to maintain their health and wellness are increasing. 935 more words

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Change Your Fitness Routine Every 4 to 6 Weeks

Even minor changes in your fitness routine can make a huge difference where you will feel and see results. Consistency and Progression are keys to seeing and feeling results. 451 more words

Women's Health And Wellness

Jari Love - Slim and Lean - Great Workout

I’ve working out to Jari Love’s Slim and Lean work out again from 2006. This is solid material and the time moves quickly because it’s broken down by segment. 214 more words

Women's Health And Wellness

Why You Can't Target Tone

For one, it’s impossible to completely isolate an area or muscle. You always pull in another area or muscle. You could injure yourself if you do not work also the opposing muscle. 227 more words

Women's Health And Wellness